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And then the potluck came…

Today was hard for me… In the morning I got up early planning on making enough time to have a good breakfast and not be starving when the “potluck time” came … well… It turns out that I translate the sermon in church, real time, it’s quite a challenge but I love doing it… Pastor sends me his sermon notes on Sunday morning and I translate those to have an idea what the whole thing will be about, so I translated the sermon notes and when I finished I realized I translated an old one… so I had to start from the top with the new one… I barely had any time left so I just grabbed two quaker cereal bars and ate them in the car, those aren’t very filling, not for me and “sweet stuff” in the morning isn’t very satisfying (for me) that’s why I never have cereal… but the calories, well, those are always there even if you feel like you didn’t eat much!

Then the potluck came, I was sooo hungry and there were all kinds of good (very bad) things!!! nothing very healthy… there was chili soup with cheese, something called “Mexican lasagna” which I’ve never seen in Mexico! LOL!, real lasagna loaded with cheese, different pasta dishes with cream or mayo, etc… and fried chicken! Let’s not even mention the blueberry cake with a glaze on top or the cake balls!!! so… I started with the best possible choice I found (which was some pasta salad, with some greens and some dressing that I couldn’t figure out what it was) but I started to feel even dizzy for how hungry I was and I had a pounding headache so I pretty much cleared my girls plates, whatever they didn’t eat I ate, it wasn’t much because I didn’t serve them a lot and they ate pretty good, but since the choices weren’t great I ate a total of 900 calories for that meal (and still felt hungry) – obviously I didn’t even get close to the dessert table – … then I came home and didn’t eat anything else and to avoid getting hungrier (and being as tired as I was) I just took a nap and later when I woke up I just had my nightly treat and kept my calories at 1352 for the whole day… whew… I made it! So… today I am just excited that even with it all I still stayed very well within my calorie range and I am just looking forward to a brand new week and exercise tomorrow! … This was a good week all things considered… my calories everyday were around 1300 or less except for yesterday which was my highest day around the 1700’s … I exercised from Monday to Friday so I definitely expect to see something show when I step on the scale on Tuesday…

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “And then the potluck came…

  1. I agree with Jackie. That could have turned in to something much worse. Great control – even after you got home. Definitely not something you want to face everyday though.
    I have a pretty good feeling about tomorrow! I’m excited to hear about it! Have fun with the Biggest Loser tonight!

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