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Nothing to fear … ’till I came home

Hello everybody! I am thrilled to let you know that … today I had the church retreat I was fearing so much because of the food that I knew would be “there” … but… let me tell you I was very surprised with the choices that we had… Yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast… sandwich thins, turkey breast, provolone cheese, tons of salad and soups for lunch… and just water to drink! I was soooo happy I even kissed the organizer of it all! LOL! …

Anyway… then I came home and I was too hungry though… hungry, hungry, hungry… I ate more things than I had already planned for… so the day was all full of great choices but I still managed to exceed my daily calorie intake … my daily goal is 1200-1600 calories and today I ate 1759 calories… I can’t say I exercised during the day and I am just beat wanting to go to bed… I guess today will be my “rest day” instead of Sunday and I’ll have to do some exercise tomorrow… Tomorrow I’ll have to face a big pot luck dinner in church… I will make the best possible choices and stay away from desserts!

Just wanted to give a quick update!


One thought on “Nothing to fear … ’till I came home

  1. So you were over your allotted calorie intake today – but not over enough to GAIN weight from it. And I’m quite sure you will be motivated to exercise and eat better tomorrow.
    How awesome that they had such healthy choices at lunch! Don’t you wish every gathering and/or potluck would have such things. I usually feel like I need to bring my own food….

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