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Weigh in … -sigh-

Hello everybody, first of all let me just say that AF just ruins everything! If you don’t know what AF stands for let me tell you it stands for “Always Faithful” so you must get an idea what I am talking about…

AF came yesterday and I was hyper hungry! Like needing to eat everything! I chose chicken for my binging and stayed within my calorie range, although on the higher end… I ate 1500 calories. I was sleepy all day and not motivated, feeling bloated and just blah… I think I am retaining liquids because my hands felt stretched and heavy… I still exercised (without much motivation but did it) for 1 hour and a half on the Wii Balance Board while watching TV, I burned 470 calories… it really helped me to be watching the Biggest Loser as I exercised, it made the time go faster and just remind me why I am doing this! the contestants ran a 5k and they all did awesome! I was very happy to see their triumphant smiley faces when they reached the finish line!

Anyway… I told hubby how I was feeling and hubby said: “I wouldn’t weigh myself tomorrow if I was you, I don’t want you to get discouraged, you might not see any weight loss on the scale, it’s not the best time to step on it” and I knew it too but it’s my weigh in day so I did weigh myself this morning…

And it was true… There was no change on the scale, not even an ounce (thankfully it didn’t show any increase either) … then I left to my Bible Study which re-started today, just feeling kind of “blah” … but I am so happy I went because it’s like everybody “planned” on telling me encouraging things… I don’t think there was ONE person that didn’t tell me something like “you look great” or “share your secret with me” … I was so happy! It was just what I was needing and the perfect thing to remind me the scale is not the only indicator that I am doing good! Of course since it was our first Bible Study of the season there were all kinds of amazing things to eat… I chose 2 4oz. low fat yogurts and added some walnuts and craisins to them… it was truly the healthiest choice and I was pleased with it… I am looking forward to the rest of the day… working towards making it great!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Weigh in … -sigh-

  1. At least there wasn’t an increase! … but the greater benefit is all the comments people said (which are priceless) and the discipline you have to stay focused and on course. And, an hour and half on the WII at 470 calories… I need to get one of those! You are doing great! Next week will be better!

    • Thank you! Yes… I should be thankful! You should get a Wii Fit system… it’s cool when you can’t go outside! well… maybe it wouldn’t be so convenient for you… but as a mom, being tied to my home with little ones… it’s really helpful!

  2. Good for you for realizing the scale isn’t the only measurement. The numbers today aren’t a true indicator because of AF. It’s very possible next week will show any loss from this week along with next week.
    Excellent job not letting it keep you from exercising or eating right!! You KNOW the cause of the numbers… and it’s NOT anything you did. I know it’s hard, believe me I’ve been there, but try not to let it get you down. You’re doing great!

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