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Going to McDonald’s!

So… yesterday we went to church and I must admit I kept thinking about food! LOL! I was happy I already had everything ready for lunch … there would be chicken, salad and some rice (no rice for me because it’s hard to stop when I eat rice!) but then after church, some friends said their daughter wanted to go to McDonald’s and they were wondering if we wanted to go with them… of course my 4 yr. old got super excited when she heard McDonald’s so hubby asked me if it was ok and I said “yeah, it’s fine” (-big sigh-) so we went and I saw they had a chicken snack wrap or something like that for 250, I ordered that and let me tell you I had a very different image in my mind, I thought I would get a wrap heavy loaded with veggies and some chicken but there was barely anything inside of it… a very small flour tortilla, also folded in the ends, so you pretty much are eating tortilla with dressing (I asked for honey mustard) … I was sooo hungry! I ate 2 of the chicken nuggets my 2 yr. old didn’t eat and stole 4 fries from hubby’s …. when I came home I got my chicken out and ate some of it… I was still very hungry… but I think I “did great” for “McDonald’s” … hubby and I agreed we’re not going there anymore! LOL! If chick-fil-a was open on Sunday that would be our choice for sure! I can order a big and delicious char grilled sandwich and still do great with my calorie count! In the afternoon we had a meeting at church, there was a full table with finger foods and delicious desserts… I just had some coffee… thank you! totally stayed away from the “food table”

I did great with my calories for the day though, 1300 total calorie count for the day!

Sunday is “my day off” from exercise… (I guess, I’ll take a break every Sunday) and today hubby’s here so I am enjoying some great family time … I have to go now… but I’ll be writing tomorrow! Tomorrow is “weigh-in day” so …. I am hoping the scale will reflect the hard work and self control I’ve been practicing during the week…  😀

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Going to McDonald’s!

  1. We RARELY go to McDonald’s, but the kids occasionally request it. I usually get a salad – I think the southwestern style one?? And I don’t get dressing. Then I eat something else when I get home. 🙂
    I’m glad you take a day off from exercising. It SEEMS like you should exercise every day, but in truth, you need to give your body a break so that it can rebuild and strengthen up. I can vouch for it too! When I quit running every day, my muscles became so much stronger, and I was actually able to run better and longer!
    I’m excited to hear about your weigh-in! Good luck!!

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