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Burning Cake!

So… yesterday we had lunch with friends and I made a cake for my friend’s husband, because it’s almost his birthday so we decided to celebrate it on Saturday, hubby kept praising the cake so I had to try it (had to? well, not necessarily, but really wanted to!) so I did try it, I asked for a very thin slice of cake which was enough to let me enjoy all the flavors! The cake was just simply amazing! It was a two layered white/yellow cake with a ganache frosting… just AMAZING! And very high in calories too! I also had some of the pasta my friend made although my main food was salad (with very little dressing) and my Progresso soup! WE had a great time but I couldn’t wait to get home and burn the cake! LOL! My total of calories for the day was on the higher side, still within my daily goal, 1,500 calories! So even when it was later and I was tired I immediately got my balance board and did the free run for an hour and the free step for half an hour, those are pretty much the best “calorie burning” exercises on the Wii, then I did some push-ups (like 7, LOL!) and repetitions to work my abs… I burned 560 calories there and I had gone to Sam’s to do the rest of our grocery shopping in the morning… so I know I burned some calories there too… I think it was over all a good day! I can’t wait for tomorrow to watch “The Biggest Loser” and then Tuesday have my weigh in!

And that’s how I turned around a day that could’ve been bad if I had chosen to just “let my impulses take over” … I could’ve had lots of pasta (which was delicious) and a big slice of that amazing cake, but I still enjoyed it all without having the regrets and guilt that I would’ve had if I hadn’t stayed in control! YEAH! and I am so happy that through exercise I ended up “burning the cake” that I did have!

Here’s “the Cake”:

IMG_4799 IMG_4808



5 thoughts on “Burning Cake!

  1. I am soooo impressed with you these past few weeks! There is no doubt in my mind that you’ve got this! You’ve adapted a healthy lifestyle, not a diet, and that’s what it takes. You’re not depriving yourself of anything – you’re just making it fit into your routine.
    AND you’re doing toning exercises – woohoo! Gotta get those muscles built up. 😉
    Way to go!

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