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Was it yesterday? or today?

Hello everybody! So… yesterday’s report… let’s see… It was such a busy day, my 2 yr. old is insufferable! LOL! … I hope it’s just a “terrible two’s phase” she’s such an “irrational and demanding boss” and she’s constantly making messes, just for “the fun” of making them… so… around 11, after finally managing to feed them and hopefully have some time to exercise, I called a friend because I realized I had no eggs for a cake I had to make for her husband’s birthday (which we’ll be celebrating today) … I called her wondering if she would stop by (I didn’t want to get the girls out, they have a cold and I thought it was too cold outside to take them out, which then I realized it wasn’t that cold) so my friend said she would come in about a couple of hours to bring eggs and have coffee with me… I had to “move fast”, I hadn’t even taken a shower… so I exercised for only 40 minutes burning only 188 calories! then I kind of “picked up the house” and took a shower, when I was loading the dishwasher my friend arrived and stayed for coffee, we had a very nice talk and then I realized I was way behind with that cake! I made the cake and while the cake was baking I made the frosting… everything while still attending to my girls, cleaning spilled water, removing crayon from walls and throwing away a teddy bear they decided to un-stuff! -sigh- … -WHY!!!?????- they’re really good girls but my 2 yr. old is soooo “into everything” right now….

Anyway… When my cake came out of the oven… it sunk… it was time to make dinner, fed the girls, washed more dishes, loaded the washer machine, then feed hubby (who had just gotten home at 7) and hopefully get to watch some of the final season finale of fringe, but no! I did watch a little but all with interruptions from my girls, who were still hungry or needed to go potty, got thirsty and who I later finally put to bed! …. after Fringe… at 9… I started making the double layer cake AGAIN (this time, without interruptions from my daughters and I realized I used baking soda instead of baking powder the first time around! UGH!) and at 11:35 p.m. when it was almost room temperature I decided to ACTIVELY WAIT for it to completely cool off! So I got on the Wii Balance Board and did some Free Step for 30 minutes, burning 130 calories! … I finished at 12:05  so… those calories could be counted for yesterday or today! LOL! … Obviously I am counting them for yesterday… (My cake was frosted after my exercise, so I went to bed at almost 1 a.m.) so here are my numbers:

Calorie intake for the day (counting the 6 cup bag of Smart Pop) 1276 calories

Exercised for 1 hr. 10 minutes burning: 318 calories

So… I guess I still turned it into a good day!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Was it yesterday? or today?

  1. The bossy twos do pass! I was so happy when my bonus daughter (now 3) finally understood the concept of “bossy”. The other day I was telling her to do something and she said “Okay, bossy Jackie!” I totally deserved it because I was being bossy and it was so funny to see her recognizing someone being bossy.

  2. They all get so bossy at that age, they cannot talk properly but still find a way to tell you what to do. NO! for everything as well. It’s like a pre-teenager crisis or something 🙂
    I am the same if I cook or bake when there is too much going on I make mistakes. You must have been tired after that day!

  3. Now THAT sounds like one of my old days. It gets better. Hang in there. (But first you must suffer through the treacherous threes. I thought those were worse. :/ )
    How wonderful that you “actively” waited for the cake to cool! I’m sure you were exhausted by the time you crawled into bed. Hopefully the girls let you get a little rest the next day!

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