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And here I was worried about Wednesday!

I should’ve been more worried about yesterday! Oh my goodness! I was hungry, hungry, hungry… I hadn’t felt like this since I re-started (almost 3 weeks ago) but all of a sudden, yesterday, it hit me I was soooo hungry! And don’t think I was having the urge to binge or indulge, I was plain, ol’ hungry and even when I had a cup of hot cocoa (fat free) I just couldn’t shake it off…

So… at night, when I had already counted all my calories for the day and they were 1330 I was tempted to have a big piece of the lasagna I made for dinner for hubby… but then I thought that wouldn’t be the best choice… I was needing something with substance though and I thought I shouldn’t add more carbs so I went to the fridge and grabbed a chicken breast that was already cooked so it ended up adding 231 more calories for a total of 1561 calories for the day! for some reason I was still hungry but I stopped there… I decided to take some time to “calm down” and for the food to “take effect” and it did work! I went to bed not feeling bloated or full but just not hungry like I was before!

I think I made a good choice and 1561 calories for ONE day wasn’t too bad… I had exercised for two hours on the Wii and I burned 568 calories there… I am not thrilled with the calorie intake but I truly feel my body was just asking for more (maybe needed) food so I went for “all protein” for my muscles… I feel it was the best choice. I think it’s important to learn the difference between “real hunger” and “craving/anxiety/urge to binge” and I know my body was asking for food yesterday, not my brain or emotions. It truly was a physical need. Plus I stayed between my 1200-1600 calories for the day.

So… that’s it for today… I will keep my calorie intake on the low side today… I don’t want to get “too loose” and start seeing the numbers rise…

Tonight is the BIG FINALE of Fringe (I love that show, haven’t missed an episode) and it will be a two hour event… I plan on save some calories to have my “Smart Pop” Bag of popcorn for 100 calories to enjoy with the show.

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8 thoughts on “And here I was worried about Wednesday!

  1. Yes! You’re body was asking for more energy! You’re working it a lot – which is good – but by supplying it with enough energy, you’re actually helping it to work better. And chicken was a great choice!
    They say it takes 20 minutes for your belly to realize you’ve fed it….. sometimes that 20 minutes takes forEVER, doesn’t it? You’re doing an amazing job! Keep it up!!

  2. I wish I could learn when it’s the body saying it needs food and when it’s my mind. Still have a hard time judging the difference. It’s great that you can recognize the difference. You can do it!

    • I guess part of the “symptoms” of hunger, it’s that your stomach is rumbling LOL! and that you know it’s justified because you know your calorie count is low and you’ve been staying very active… 🙂 …. I could identify it this time… I hope it’s always like that!

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