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Wednesday is the day!

Do you have a day when you feel that for some reason you tend to eat more? Wednesday is my day… I don’t know why… I attribute it to me being in a hurry and some weird “nervousness/excitement” … It’s choir rehearsal night and also Awana for my 4 year old… I get a little nervous because I always end up running a bit late… and I realize that’s the day when I eat the most…

Yesterday I had all the same weird feelings but since I’ve been able to identify those emotions and reactions and I got that day “pegged” … I was able to stay in control! So… does this happen to you? is there a specific day? or event that makes you eat like that? Let me know πŸ™‚ I am curious!

So… my day was still very good! Here are my numbers:

I ate: 1,344 calories

I exercised for 2 hours on the Wii and burned 556 calories there

MyfitnessPal says that if everyday is like that I will weigh 167.5 pounds in 5Β  weeks (I am 178.4 right now) I know everybody is different and this might not be exact or totally accurate but it’s a good indicator that I am doing good! so, I think it was a great day especially for a Wednesday!

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday is the day!

  1. Can’t say I have a particular day that I want or tend to eat more. But there are definitely days that I can’t seem to satisfy my need to eat. Boredom and sadness or stress seem to be the cause.
    You’re becoming so disciplined and not giving in to your usual habits. I feel like I’m reliving my experience through you. You seem to be coming to the same realizations that I did, and handling them the same way. I think you’re even the same age I was. This means, in about 10 years, you’ll be running a half-marathon. πŸ™‚ (Or maybe it won’t take you so long. Or maybe you’ll be running a FULL one.)

  2. I dread Friday and Saturday nights. The temptation to over eat is strong. Even when there is nothing to do outside the house and no parties to go to, just staying home and watching movies seems to invite the overeating. I have noticed that when I’m busy doing ‘something’ other than watching tv it is easier to stay in control.

    • Yes, weekends are hard! Everybody eats more treats than usual… I will be having lunch with a friend and she already announced it will be spaghetti… I am a carb lover… and I love it in the form of pasta… but it’s a big enemy because it’s loaded with calories for not much of it and I’d rather eat more for less calories πŸ™‚ … Oh… have you tried the “Smart Pop” popcorn? it’s really great, each microwaveable bag of popcorn has only 100 calories, it’s only 2 cups but you feel like you can still enjoy a nice “Tv snack” πŸ™‚ Great for when we watch movies! πŸ™‚

  3. If wednesday is your bad and your doing good , it show how great you are doing! I don’t have a day like that but if I am busy with lots of errand and place to be I almost forget to eat and when I do nothing I tend to eat more. The worst day is when TOM is around …like today loll

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