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Lazy Day

Well… yesterday was kind of lazy, well not too much… I ventured and went grocery shopping even when it was super cold outside! So… I am sure I burned calories there… not only I went grocery shopping but I had to unload all the groceries from the car… and I live in a second floor apartment… and I couldn’t park the car very close to the building! so… there I go, making trips to the car and back to the apartment, carrying heavy bags of groceries and freezing! LOL!

so later I just felt like relaxing…. at night I started thinking “how bad do you want this?” so I hopped on the Balance Board and just did the “free step” to burn only 130 calories… I guess I wasn’t wanting it “bad enough” LOL! But still… I didn’t want to miss a day because I know what happens when you do!

My calorie count for the day was: 1328 calories… so… not bad at all! I would say that what kept me away from the 1200 was a creamy pasta that I made for the girls and it smelled soooo good that I had to eat it! I only ate like 1/2 cup of it but 1 cup of that pasta has 300 calories! YIKES! it was good though and I am glad I enjoyed it.

So… that’s it for yesterday’s report… I’ll do more today to burn more!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. I’m curious to know how many calories are burned grocery shopping, ’cause it sure seems like a workout sometimes – especially in your situation!
    I’ve learned that if I savor just a bite or two of something I’ve made that I don’t want to splurge on, it’s enough to satisfy me. My cupcakes, for example. I have one bite, making sure to get all the yummy stuff, and I turn all my senses towards savoring that ONE bite. And then I’m good, and am happy to share it with my family and co-workers without needing anymore. Sounds like you did that with the creamy pasta. Just enough to satisfy that craving, but not enough to push you over the top.
    You’re doing great! I’m really proud of you! πŸ™‚

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