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Weigh-In Day! 1/15/2013

Hello everybody! Here I am … first of all let me tell you about my day yesterday…

My day was really good, I exercised for almost an hour in the morning, strength training and some cardio… then I conIMG_4746[1]tinued with my regular activities and for lunch I had:
This is made with one Mission Tortilla (carb balance, only 80 calories)

Roasted green bell peppers and onions plus 1 zucchini (and some fresh tomato for garnish)

4 oz. of pan seared chicken breast (with Pam)

Seasoned with salt and pepper. (I used 2 oz. of chicken breast INSIDE the tortilla and 2 oz. separately)

It was yummy! And only 260 calories! So anybody can get creative with something like this! If I had had avocado I would’ve used it and for 1/5 of a medium avocado I would’ve only added 50 additional calories, lots of good flavor and great nutrition!

My numbers for yesterday:

Calories I ate: 1300

I exercised a total of 2 hours on the Wii Balance Board burning: 580 calories!

and now… [[drumroll]] my weight!

Weight Last week: 181.0

Weight Today: 178.4

I lost a total of 2.6, I think it’s a great amount of weight to lose! Do I wish I had lost more? Well! Yes! I am greedy like that! But I am happy with the weight I lost! Plus I know I am definitely replacing fat with muscle!

Yesterday I watched The Biggest Loser! ah! It was awesome! I ended in tears but not in tears of hopeless devastation from being so lost and not knowing where to even begin like I used to! but with tears of joy seeing others lose their weight and KNOW how it feels like! It’s really awesome to see lives transformed and even see the real personalities of people start to come out… They also have “thin people inside”! And I am so happy for them! We got this!!!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Day! 1/15/2013

  1. You know how you feel when you watch Biggest Loser? That’s how I feel when I read about your successes. What a wonderful week for you! 1.8 pounds is awesome, and the perfect amount of weight to lose in a week. Yes, you want it to come off quickly, but this way, you know you’re being healthy, and not depriving yourself, and you’ll be much more likely to keep it off once you’ve reached your goal.
    You’re below the 180 mark! High Fives to you!! You said it right… you got this!

    • I actually lost 2.6 pounds… I checked my numbers again because I thought I counted something wrong and yes… (The Balance Board gives you the BMI first and then I didn’t see the actual weight number… but yes… it’s 2.6!) I actually weigh 178.4 so it’s better than good! I am actually amazed! and very happy! LOL! I know I’ll slow down as I continue to lose but I am happy! 🙂 Thanks for the high fives!

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