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It’s the little things…

Something that I’ve learned now that I have adopted exercising and eating healthy as a lifestyle and not as a “temporary resource to lose weight” is to enjoy the little things, to make sure that I incorporate foods that I love or to make my meals more enjoyable…

In the past, I’ve lost all my extra weight and then gained it all back… and I am starting to realize that a key to keep all my weight off is to not see “healthy eating and exercising” as a “punishment for being so fat” but rather as an opportunity to love myself and care for me…. in those other times when I used to diet just for the sake of “looking good” I would take “shortcuts” that hurt my health… when you only “diet” for appearance and don’t care about your health and you just “hate yourself” you’ll end up doing things that hurt you … I remember I used to take all kinds of diet pills, I would also go to doctors to receive shots of some “fat dissolving” medication in the areas where I needed to lose weight, they worked, but again, it was temporary stuff that I couldn’t adopt as my “new way of living” … as soon as I reached my weight/goal … I would start binging again because I didn’t need to continue “punishing” myself now that I was no longer fat…

I never tried to throw up… that I was sure I would never try… but I can understand those that do it because I’ve had the feeling of guilt after binging and that heaviness and desperation that makes you want to “un-do what you just did” …

I also remember that I would eat THE VERY SAME THING every single day… and don’t think that I would even “enjoy” it… I remember for my main meal I would only BOIL a chicken breast with vegetables and add some salt to it… That’s it!!! It’s like I was “afraid to enjoy food” … I was afraid to “want some more” I was miserable when I would go places and just wouldn’t eat anything and holidays were just a torture and I would just even be a little rude to everyone and go to my room and fall asleep instead of having fun with everyone… HORRIBLE! no wonder once I reached my weight I felt like I could now “enjoy life”….

I am learning that you can do both! Lose weight AND enjoy life! and I think it’s those little things that make all the difference between success and failure! I went grocery shopping today and was actually excited to get my “treats” and those little things I enjoy so much like:


Jalapeño slices


Pickles for my sandwiches!

So… I eat with joy! I feel satistfied and I am not always craving and moody! LOL! I do feel sometimes the urge to binge but I fight it… and I stumble sometimes and I fall other times but I get up!

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

    • Well… to be honest my treats are still sweets! LOL! … But I have 1 90 calorie fiber one and a cup of fat free hot cocoa now! … The jalapeno slices and pickles are just “those little things” that you add to your food that you also prepare with care to make it all better! I do love vegetables, that’s for sure… but now I don’t just boil them! LOL! 🙂

  1. Exactly! Very well said. Losing weight is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a “punishment”. And if you figure out a way to incorporate the things you love into your routine, then it’s much easier to stick to it. You’ve done great by keeping up your evening treat and cocoa with your hubby. If you had given that up, you would have felt deprived and might have given up. For me, I always enjoyed my evening treat in front of the TV, so I incorporated it into my allotted calorie intake.
    I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to realize some of the things I learned along the way – like not overeating on the weekend and realizing I can eat a huge plate of healthy foods for the same amount of calories in a couple of cookies (and enjoy it just as much). But some things you just have to live and learn. Makes me happy that you’re learning it as well. 🙂

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