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It’s a great feeling!

Hello everybody! It’s Monday! How exciting! There’s no horrible “Monday feeling” after a good weekend! So it’s totally worth it to stay in control because there’s no guilt or the feeling of “starting all over again” … of course… when you have a bad weekend it’s important to move on… and not dwell in that feeling, but it’s even better to not have to deal with the consequences of a weekend of indulgence LOL! …. My weekend was great…. I am very happy to say that yesterday was especially good! Getting ready to go to church I put on a pair of slacks that I had worn on New Year’s eve and they were very tight on the waist and let’s just say that I filled the area of the lower stomach pretty good… well… yesterday they felt comfortable around the waist… I also wore the shirt I wore for New Year’s Eve and it was also feeling better… but I was late for church so I didn’t have much time to look in the mirror or to even focus too much on how the clothes felt… As I got to church I ran to the choir loft because service was almost started and as we sang I started to realize how really comfortable the clothes felt! It was such a wonderful feeling! My pants were actually a little loose on the sides of my legs! I was truly happy!

Then, we came home, I changed my clothes and as I was changing I noticed something on my leg, it was for just a second as I was going to sit… it was like a darker spot that I had never seen before… and as I paid attention and moved again in the same way… I realized it was a MUSCLE! like a more defined line where the quadriceps (I am guessing) are… It’s not really a big deal… It’s not like I am super toned or anything, but I had never actually seen a defined muscle there! My calves are different, those are strong for some reason they’ve never been too soft or “squishy” but my thighs are another story… they’re not toned at all… so any sign of a muscle is... AWESOME!

Now… my numbers for yesterday:

I ate: 1,200 calories

I took a delicious nap! LOL! and felt better afterwards, I wasn’t going to exercise but as I watched a show in the evening I did some “Free Step” on the Wii Balance Board (it’s cool that it lets you watch tv as you do it) only for half an hour and burned 145 calories total (131 from the Free step and 14 cal. from 4 minutes doing basic little games on the Wii)

So… not a bad day at all! Today … I am looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser! And I am excited about tomorrow’s personal weigh in! we’ll see how that goes!

May the week go great for everyone! Me included!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “It’s a great feeling!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful not to have Monday guilt? It took me so long to quit overeating on the weekend, but once I did, Mondays were awesome… and I felt so good!
    I remember when I first started seeing muscles… I would look at them constantly! Having never been toned before, it was awesome to see and feel them becoming stronger. Even now, after years of being in pretty good shape, I’m still amazed at how far I’ve come. And after having four kids, I’m pretty impressed with my abs, if I do say so myself. (Not quite Jillian’s abs, but pretty good for me!) 🙂
    So anyway, all this means is that you can get there too! You’re seeing the results, which is just going to motivate you too keep going!
    Have fun watching Biggest Loser. I’ll be at work tonight, but I might catch some of it! Looking forward to hearing your results tomorrow!

    • Yes! It certainly is wonderful! LOL! I’ve seen your pics! you have the body of a teenager! I wish I had had a body like that when I was a teenager actually! LOL! Let me know if you watched any of the Biggest Loser! 🙂

      • I ended up working an hour longer than scheduled, so I missed all of Biggest Loser. I’m heading to your new post now, so maybe I’ll get to hear about it. Or at least find out if you were a big loser. 🙂

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