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Report on Saturday…

Well.. yesterday I wasn’t really feeling like exercising… Our guests (see previous post) left early in the morning and I really enjoyed their visit, it was really good… but I guess I still felt on “vacation mode” LOL! … it’s hard to get back into your normal routine.. even when I am a person that needs that routine! I needed to be back to normal but didn’t know “where to begin” …

I also had a headache… a bad one… so I felt like the “exercising” wasn’t going to happen… but before I could give it any more thought I just got the Balance Board out and started… there was no real desire to start but I did it anyway! I exercised for 1 and a half hours… I didn’t do strength training only cardio and it felt good when I was done! I didn’t let any excuses defeat me! so… here are my numbers for yesterday:

I ate: 1212 calories

I exercised for 91 minutes burning 487 calories on the Wii Balance Board

Cool! today I am planning on taking a nap… I think my body really needs it… I still have the headache and I think it has to do with my nasal congestion which hasn’t been really letting me rest at night… Sleeping well is definitely part of being healthy and I need my rest.

I hope everyone has a great week!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Report on Saturday…

  1. You know, I always tell myself “I’ll just go out for a short run…” or “I’ll just hit the elliptical for 10 minutes”, and once I’m out there or on the machine, I always end up going further. So Good. For. You!
    It’ll do you good to rest today. The headache is what got to me. For 5 days it lasted, and no amount of ibuprofen or tylenol would knock it out. It finally took prescription meds to take care of it. I hope that’s not what you have!!

  2. Try some advil sinus, I often have headaches with blocked nose and it works most of the time, reath right nose stickers are a good help too. lol I sound like if I am trying to sell something to you but I just know that headaches are a pain in the …:-)

    • lol! Those strips don’t work with me… My nose is very weird… ๐Ÿ™‚ but thank you! If the headache continues I’ll definitely try advil sinus! Good idea… I’ve been only taking ibuprofen! ๐Ÿ™‚

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