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Yesterday and the day before!

Hello everybody! Don’t think I am “off track” or anything like that… But we did have special things going on! And aunt and uncle from Wisconsin (hubby’s side) got here on Thursday night so I prepared my fabulous and almost famous molten chocolate cakes … They are pretty amazing! But to make 4 of these delicious beauties (one person eats one… or sometimes two!) I need 4 eggs, 1 stick of butter and 1 cup of powdered sugar!! so you can imagine they’re not the best thing to eat if you’re watching your weight and health! Well… I used to have 2 of these AT NIGHT pretty often! Not anymore of course… but hubby always requests them when we have friends over and everyone raves about them! Hubby had two the first night … which means he ate 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 stick of butter on his own! (plus two eggs) … AFTER DINNER! … everybody loved them and I had my 90 calorie Fiber One brownie with my fat free hot cocoa! … That was on Thursday night … and my day ended like this:

I ate: 1270 calories

I exercised for 1 hour and a half burning 381 calories!

Then… Friday… the hardest part came… we went to a beautiful place on the ocean, it’s a boardwalk and there are tons of treats and beautiful restaurants right on top of the water… it’s pretty cool! I had my regular breakfast in the morning of 280 calories then we hopped in the RV (sooo cool! LOL!) and the girls loved it! I had a sandwich while we were on the road to avoid being TOO hungry and then binge… so that helped! We walked through the place and had lots of fun… I have no clue how many calories I burned because we were walking PRETTY SLOW… Our aunt has hip problems and walks with a cane so we were all walking at her pace… I can’t say I got my “heart rate going” … Then we were all hungry and stopped at a restaurant… all seafood! YUM YUM! … Everything looked amazing! Uncle John had a seafood/lobster steampot (LOOKED INCREDIBLE), auntie Sally had some fried fish with tartar sauce (YUM) and hubby had an amazing meal of coconut shrimp that was just mouth watering… I tried to avoid even looking at the many options and went for what looked best… I ordered “Simply Grilled Salmon” it came with sides of white rice and steamed vegetables… here’s what I had:IMG_4726

Looks good right? Well… It would’ve been great if I had stopped there but my girls weren’t eating their stuff and I ended up eating two breaded/fried chicken strips and a little some of the fried fish my oldest girl had… -sigh- I only drank water and I told everyone we could have dessert back at home (I wanted to avoid looking at everyone have dessert in a place where I knew I couldn’t have any) … as soon as I mentioned I could make my molten cakes again everyone jumped right in and we all left the place after a wonderful day of fun!

Once we were home I made the molten cakes and coffee for everyone and they all enjoyed it! To top it all off we had vanilla frozen custard to go with the warm molten cakes, dusted with powdered sugar and everyone was having such an amazing experience in their mouths (LOL) that it was actually a little uncomfortable to hear so much moaning!

I had my Fiber One brownie and hot cocoa and enjoy a great conversation! It’s awesome to have family over! And it’s great to enjoy it all without feeling all heavy and bloated and full to the point of feeling sick! After counting the calories here are my numbers for yesterday:

I ate: 1606 calories (my highest amount of the week!)

I didn’t exercise… but as I mentioned… I walked quite a bit… slowly… but I have no clue how much I burned…

Those were my last two days… I don’t think it was too bad… Here’s a picture of me at the restaurant:IMG_4715


Right now I am looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser on Monday and then weighing myself on Tuesday! I think it’s been a very good week!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Yesterday and the day before!

  1. It HAS been a good week for you! Even at your highest day, you were at a great calorie count. It actually helps to eat a little more every once in a while so your body doesn’t start thinking you’re starving it. (‘Cause then it just holds on to the fat.) So in my opinion, you did awesome this weekend! PLUS, you avoided the molten cakes. That in itself is incredible!
    The picture of you is wonderful! You look and seem so happy these days! Beautiful. πŸ™‚

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