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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, but a year ago, my weight-loss journey began… I am very proud to have stayed on the journey, even when “I sat” and “took breaks” I stayed “in the path” I really thought I would be further along by now but I can’t say I am disappointed either… Changing your life and leaving obesity behind is not for sissies! That’s for sure! When I look in the mirror now I have glances of who I really am…. A Thin Lady that has been “inside” and trapped in a big jail of extra pounds, excuses, lack of motivation and self-pity!

But not anymore… The “jail” has put up a fight but it’s coming down… and as I fight against the pounds I am learning more than just better eating habits! and the Thin Lady gets stronger and is ready to come out and be free!

Ah! it’s been a good year… ups and downs but always learning! And I am working towards leaving the prison entirely in the past and live a life as a Thin Lady … without the “Inside” anymore! but not just to be “Thin” but to be healthy, happy and better at everything I do… enjoying my family and the life that God has given me to live.

So… Happy Anniversary to me!

Yesterday… well… Yesterday was a great day… here are my numbers:

I ate: 1250 calories

I exercised (on the Wii Balance Board) for 2 hours and 20 minutes burning 682 calories, I did both cardiovascular and strength training.

Yesterday was my weigh-in day and I had a good number on the scale! I lost 3.3 pounds and hopefully the numbers will continue like that… Tune in every Tuesday to see what my scale says!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’m happy to have been along for at least part of your year long journey, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this year goes for you. You’re definitely off to a great start.
    It’s exciting to know that what you’re doing is working, isn’t it? Great motivation to continue. I’ll say it again… I really think you got this, and this’ll be your year to reach your goal! 🙂

    • Well… I can’t take all the credit… YOU’ve been such an important part of this journey… I think I would’ve quit when things got hard if I hadn’t had the support of people like you, THL and Dave… and all those comments that made my days, shares, likes and replies just kept me going! 🙂 Thank you Shadow!

      • It’s been great fun for me to get to know you and THL, and Dave (if only through his supportive comments for you). What a wonderful world that we can connect with people from all over. Sure makes going through tough times a little easier, and good times a little more fun! Hugs!

  2. Wow … it is hard to believe that it’s been a year. I believe it is a successful year for you and not only on the scale. Not to be selfish … but I believe the greatest aspect about your journey is the inspiration you have extended to us (me). Even though the sit downs and breaks, you are giving it your sincerity and honesty and it clearly shows. At the core, the weight loss effort is really an inner journey (at least that is what I’m learning). Thank you for sharing! You are a true gift to us. And Happy Anniversary! God Bless you this year and looking forward to the 2014 Anniversary!

    • Wow Dave! Thank you so much for your kind words! such a moving comment! I appreciate it! 🙂 I guess even the “falls” during my journey have been worth it then… if they can help others get motivated and know that it’s ok… as long as you get back up! You’ve been great part of my journey as well… I’ll never forget when I published my very first post… I was surprised because RIGHT AWAY I got a comment… even when I thought I wouldn’t really get any replies/comments here… and it was you and you were so encouraging that it made me want to “come back” and here I am … a year later… now with real friends out of this! Thank YOU!

  3. Happy anniversary Thin Lady! You started about 1 month after me with the same weight goal than me lol. For once it’s not only about the scale numbers but the fact to still be there after a whole year! Isn’t it amazing to be able to surprise ourselves like that? You always shared you energy and positive attitude with us from the start. I am happy I have you to help me though my journey 🙂

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