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Weigh in day is here!

Hello everybody… I am so excited! I made it to Tuesday (my now official “weigh-in Day”) and I didn’t check my weight before… I am proud because even when it seems like “no big deal” I’ve been obsessed with the scale to a point where I would weigh myself more than once a day! So this is a small step in my journey … I am learning to be more confident on what I am doing and trying to see the scale as one of the indicators that what I am doing is working!

Before I tell you what my weight is… (yes! I already know… I checked right away!) let me tell you about my day yesterday…

Yesterday I ate a total of 1,404 calories, I exercised for 1 hr. 55 mins. on the Wii Board burning a total of 585 calories there… I also went to the Park with my girls (it was too cold though, so we didn’t stay too long) but I kept chasing them there, there were too many people and mine are little, very little, so they need my constant help (especially my little 2 yr. old daredevil) to be safe and still have fun climbing, etc. I also tried to stay active cooking and even using my 2 yr. old as “weights” sometimes LOL!

I did some strength training too… jacknife repetitions and push-ups… it was fun!

I am not 100% yet though, this was a bad cold or I would even say respiratory flu! Last night I couldn’t sleep well from the congestion and my eyes still watery and burning… ah! I just want to breath normal!

So… now… my weight…

Previous weight: (a week ago)

January 1st. 2013: 184.3

Current weight:

January 8th 2013: 181.0

I lost: 3.3 pounds (not bad!)

So… there you go… it was a good week even when I was sooo sick and couldn’t do as much as I would’ve liked to! Hard work and self-control (with food) definitely pays off!

It really helped to be watching “The Biggest Loser” last night… I didn’t even know it was on! (DUH! I should’ve checked that) so… I my evening work out occurred while the show was on and they showed the contestants training, they are already starting to talk about how much stronger they feel! After just ONE week! Our body is amazing! And it’s amazing how much we can hurt it with so much extra weight! I was very happy that this time around I am not watching the show in a “hopeless attitude” crying tears of defeat and eating some fattening dessert while feeling like a total failure, this time around is different! I’ve already proven that I am no failure, that I can do this and I’m already “half-way there!” I am not letting myself have more excuses, even to the point of saying “well, maybe I would be able to do it if I was in the Biggest Loser Ranch and didn’t have to be a full-time mom and wife” … For me, there are no excuses anymore! it can be done at home, everybody’s circumstances are different and yes, it is easier for some than it is for others but we can still choose better and do better whatever our circumstances are… At least… I know I can!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Weigh in day is here!

  1. Woohoo! I actually had tears in my eyes reading this! I am so happy that the scale showed you some positive results! Three pounds is incredible in one week! You SO got this, this time around! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow … 3.3 pounds. Awesome number. You are doing so great and in control! You are right to say that there are no more excuses! It can be done! It needs to be done and you can do it!

  3. I am so happy for you Thin Lady! 3 pounds is amazing considering the holidays and that you have been sick. It’s so easy to get obcessed with the scale or something else related to weight loss because we do have to keep thinking about all that stuff constantly to succeed. I am so scared to get on the scale! I totally gave up the diet and exercise for over than a month and have been doing absolutly nothing of my body for about 2-3 weeks so it won’t be pretty when I decide to step on it.

    As usual your spirit is very energising and made me realise how much I have missed you and Janet and Shadow and all those great bloggers I used to read!

    • It’s so great to see you THL! I’ve missed you so much! This hasn’t been the same without you! I am sorry you went through so much stuff! I wish I could REALLY be there for you! but I am here… even if online only! I hope you know you can count on me! Don’t be scared to get on the scale (although I know what you mean) it’s just a number and YOU ARE BACK! the scale will just show what you already know… you need to get back on track and you can do it! This is just another bump on the road! We all have them… but you are strong and you got this!

      • Thanks for the encouragement, I guess I should get on it and I am scared because I feel a bit powerless with my body being “slower” than normally. When I will be better I won’t take “walking and running” for granted and I will surely appreciate the fact than I am able to exercise more than I use to.

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