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Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 1 Recap

Season 14 of the Biggest Loser is finally here! I watched the premier last night and it was awesome! I loved that they included teens/children in the show and the best part is that those kids will never be up for elimination, the approach with the kids was very different than it is for the adults, it’s all about incorporating games/fun activities that they can do throughout the day… stuff that any kid should be doing and it did open my eyes to how much my girls need to play outside more! I’ve known this, of course… but I know that in my “overprotective” behavior sometimes I am hurting them… and it was clearer than ever watching those kids … I was not an overweight child… so I guess I didn’t get the “full picture” until I heard this kids speaking… Anyway… it was very cool! The children will not be at the BL Ranch to lose their weight, although they will be part of a team and participate in some of the challenges…. I love it that they are not adding “any stress” to the kids… That’s great!

Now… the grown-ups… well… I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched… so … be warned that the next part will be a *** SPOILER ***

The grown ups were just 15, they were divided in 3 groups of five, they were all assigned a trainer… there are 3 trainers and Jillian Michaels is back! so the contestants were in for a real treat! LOL! There were people trying to quit at minute 5, Jillian kicked 3 contestants out of the gym (I honestly think she was overly aggressive) and even one of her team members, Nikki Davis, 26, left the ranch feeling like she was “not ready for this” in the first week, I truly think that could’ve been prevented, we are all different and I feel like if she had been in Dolvett’s or Bob Harper’s team she would’ve continued… but … oh well! Hopefully she’ll continue to lose weight at home, in a healthy way though… she struggles with bulimia and it’s just sad… 😦

The best part… (besides the kids) was the weigh in… oh my goodness… was that exciting! My jaw dropped when I saw the numbers… there were people losing from 20 up to 29 pounds!!! IN A WEEK! That’s amazing! The look on their faces was just priceless! I could see hope and renewed determination and self-worth! Pretty awesome! Sadly one had to be eliminated and that was the case of TC Pool who only lost 15 of his 376 pounds giving him the lowest weight loss percentage and falling below the “red line” that was used yesterday for elimination.

It was sad but at the end of the show the showed his “at home progress” and he had lost 40+ additional pounds, he is staying active and working out at Planet Fitness (sponsor of BL and that’s also a gift that they got from being part of the Biggest Loser, a free membership at that gym) … very cool!

Ok… enough of my recap … I am all pumped up and I love this show because it really helps me stay motivated… seeing others lose weight when they felt they “could never do it” and seeing HOW MUCH they lost in just ONE week of changing their eating habits and exercising… wow… just goes to prove that if you are obese and not have a medical reason “to be obese” you are pretty much CHOOSING to be that way…. I made that choice for a long time and I quit last year… I am making THE BEST CHOICE and working at it daily! Not easy… not easy… but if something stuck out of yesterday’s show for me was something that Jillian Michaels said to one of the contestants:

– Contestant whining and complaining about the “abuse” from Jillian Michaels

– Jillian Michaels: “Abuse?! This (pointing at the overweight body of the contestant), THIS is abuse! THIS is abuse and I am stopping it now!”

Very true… I’ve been abusing my body making it carry extra heavy loads of weight, making my heart, lungs and all my organs work way more than they should…. making my own emotional health go bad from feeling bad for myself…. and no more! I am stopping the abuse as well!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 1 Recap

  1. I don’t watch the show as much as I used to, but I think it’s terrific what they’re doing for overweight people – kids included. It can be very inspirational to watch, even for someone who has already lost the weight. I can sense your commitment in the recent weeks, so I have a feeling you’re going to do very well! Maybe not 20 pounds a week well, but well just the same! 🙂

  2. Jillian should apologize to America and Nikki then she should be kicked off the show and Nikki should be invited back on. Jillian does not deserve to be a trainer on reality TV or anywhere. Her certifications need to be revoked, she gives personal trainers a bad name

  3. That woman sounds very arsh! I have never watch that show but you intrigued me with the fact that they include kids(in a nice way) because I don’t really agree with the way I have heard they treat poeple. 20 pounds in a week doesn’t sounds very healthy to me but I can understand the motivation you get from the show. I will see if I can find it on one of the channels we have here and will give it a go loll

    • Well, there are doctors all along the way with the contestants, I do think it’s excessive but I also think it’s a great opportunity for those people to see what they really can do if they push themselves, it’s a unique situation but they’re being taken care of and given so much! most importantly, most of them have stayed in a healthy weight after the show so I am sure it did change their lives in so many aspects… not just physically but emotionally and mentally… I am a big fan (although I think Jillian came back way too aggressive this time… that was totally unnecessary!) I hope you’ll find the show! 🙂 I am sure you will like it!

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