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Out of battery

Well… I didn’t want to let any day pass without me posting! So here I am… just with a quick post to report that yesterday was a great day… I did good with the eating and I hopped on the balance board to exercise but it ran out of battery (yes! I am glad the wii ran out of battery before I did!) and I didn’t find any AA batteries in the house to save my life! since I am sick going out in a rainy day wasn’t an option, I didn’t want to prolong my sickness and then make it all worse so I only got to do some balance exercises before it died burning probably only like 25 calories LOL!

Here are my numbers for yesterday:

Calories eaten: 1232

My goal is always 1200 so there’s a difference of +32 … it’s not a big difference so I am ok with that! I am definitely where I need to be! This morning when I woke up my stomach felt different already… there’s this feeling of things starting to “un-swell” lol! so that’s great!

I am still sick but doing much better thank God! Hubby bought batteries for the balance board so I am all ready to hop on it! Today we had friends over to celebrate the Hispanic Tradition of “Dia de Reyes” (Kings Day) so yesterday I made the “rosca” (again) and I am sure I spent some more calories “in the making” …

I am crazy excited to start watching “The Biggest Loser” tonight!

The Thin Lady Inside


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