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I guess that wasn’t the end…

Well… good morning everyone, today I think (I just woke up) I am finally starting to feel a little bit better, (maybe?) well… just a little, at least I slept better … yesterday was probably the worst day of all… My voice was horrible, it hurt to speak and having a toddler and a 4 yr. old is hard to keep my patience when I can’t communicate with them… why were they so misbehaved yesterday? I guess they were taking advantage (they actually laughed a little every time I tried to yell at them when they were either coloring the black couch with white crayon or climbing inside the pantry trying to reach something they won’t even eat!!!) …

Anyway… I still exercised! Even when I said I wouldn’t! I was on the Wii Balance Board sneezing and coughing and having to pause the “routine” several times to blow my nose! Still… I worked out for 1 hr. and 30 minutes and burned a total of 375 calories! I am very proud of myself… I can’t believe I did that… I just don’t want to “loose the groove” so I did it… with my ears pounding in pain and missing some “punches” on the “Rhythm Boxing” because I had to wipe my eyes that were so watery. Even my girls kept staring at me the whole time (they even stopped whatever they were doing) just seeing their mess of a mom and asking “are you ok?” lol!

Food… well… that was horrible… not the amount of calories but the flavor or lack of it… I think that even when the pain, soreness, congestion are bad… the worst symptom is… not being able to smell or taste something! -sigh- it made me so frustrated! (wow! What a whinny post this is! LOL!) I kept rubbing Vicks Vaporub around my nose, eating “Ricola cough drops” and even ate hot sauce just with the hope I would get de-congested enough to taste something but nothing! Anyway… here are my numbers:

Calories I ate: 1,322

Calories I burned with exercise (aside the regular daily activities): 375

Yes!!! I think that’s pretty good! Even when I wanted to keep eating to see if I could “get to taste” something!

Today will be a good day! Have a great weekend! oh! I am so excited about the Biggest Loser re-starting this Sunday! Can’t wait to “meet” the contestants!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “I guess that wasn’t the end…

  1. What an inspiration you are, to get up and exercise while so sick. I have yet to do any sort of exercise except walk from the couch to the bed, but I’m feeling better.
    I tried yelling at my daughter the other day because… well because my patience is thin and I don’t feel well… and I could barely get the words out. Probably best. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better with each day!

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