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It’s actually exciting!

Hello everybody… well… yesterday was a good day! It would’ve been a great one if I wasn’t sick… but I am so… it was just “good” … Here are my numbers:

Totals 1,600 175 70 80
Your Daily Goal 1,625 223 54 60
Remaining 25 48 -16 -20
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 425 extra calories from exercise today

Net calorie intake: 1175 – “Completed her food and exercise diary for 01/02/2013 and was under her calorie goal ”

I exercised for about 2 hours on the Wii, I did free step, rhythm boxing and some other exercises for about 1 hour and a half and also some “Strength Training” for half an hour (this includes 6 push-ups and side planks and 30 jacknife repetitions). I did all the exercises “like I meant it” including the boxing so my arms are sore right now which is great! I also danced with my 4 year old and tried to stay active during the day  (including random push-ups here and there), just little things that make me move more and of course are not counted in my “425 calories” burned from exercise.  I hope I can soon go running outside, it’s not only been cold but rainy and I don’t do well in weather like that because of my RA … it’s like throwing water to a tin man!

I haven’t weighed myself everyday… and that’s actually very exciting… I feel lighter already and I look forward to my weigh in day on Tuesday! It’s pretty cool to have to wait a whole week to weigh… it’s not obsessive and stressful like weighing everyday and doesn’t make me so impatient like waiting a whole month… LOL!

I hope you all have a great day today!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “It’s actually exciting!

  1. Yay for sore muscles! Let ’em rest a day, then use ’em again! They’ll strengthen up and become their own little calorie burners! 🙂
    You sound so excited! I’m thrilled for you! Sure hope you’re not coming down with what I have, or anything even close to it. Keep exercising and fighting through it and hopefully it will just go away!

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