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Every time I….

Hello everybody! Yesterday was a “good day” it could’ve been better but I have a cold (AGAIN!) so that wasn’t so good… oh! And why do my little girls wake up so early even on New Year’s Day??? I mean… I thought they would sleep longer since we stayed up so late the night before … but still… they were up like a rooster! Right on time, early in the morning and making noise!

Anyway… It was a very productive day… I really enjoyed having hubby here for two weeks and yesterday he just relaxed and enjoyed his last day off… -sigh- I miss him already!

So yesterday, because he was home, I decided to bake a traditional Mexican bread that is usually prepared for “Dia de Reyes” (Three Kings Day) which is every January 6th. And since it requires lots of patience I wanted to make it while he could help me with the girls… It was my first time making it and it was very delicious and way better than store bought! Here is a picture!IMG_4493-001

But don’t worry I tried a “sliver” only… Hubby is the one that ate THREE slices of it! He loved it! and took the rest to his job today so more people could enjoy it! After such a successful result I am definitely going to be making another for the “official” celebration (Sunday Jan 6th) and we’ll have friends over to enjoy it with hot cocoa (Thank God for the low-calorie versions of such a delicious drink!)

Now… you probably wonder what that has to do with the title of this post… Well… it has nothing to do with it… But here it comes… I have a friend, who has a son, who installed a metal bar right across the door of his room, and he decided that every time he crossed that door he would try to do a pull up, well.. it turns out that he crosses that door more often than he initially thought so, very soon he was able to do a pull up, and then more! I don’t know how many repetitions he ended up doing every time he crosses that door! So I thought I’ll do something similar… but with push ups!  I don’t have very strong arms and I really want to increase my strength! So… Every time I go to the bathroom (Drinking as much water as I do that’s a very frequent event) I’ll do a push up… We’ll see where this takes me… I thought I would share it with all of you… Maybe it also inspires someone to incorporate some exercise to the normal activities of their day!

By the way… My first day of the year went great when it comes to calorie counting… I ate 1200 calories and even when I didn’t formally exercise I was on my feet all day (with the baking, kneading, cooking) and I walked to the store (it’s not far, like right across the street, but I do have to cross the big parking lot and then carried that bags back home, it’s something that I would usually take the car just to not carry the bags! LOL!)

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Every time I….

  1. Sounds like your 2013 is off to a great start!
    Your Mexican bread looks amazing! Not sure I would have had the patience for that.
    Great idea to squeeze exercise in wherever you can, even if it’s the bathroom. 🙂
    Sure hope your cold doesn’t turn into the crud I have….

    • Thank you! The bread is not so hard… well… yes… it does require lots of patience! LOL! 🙂

      I guess I am going to apply the “Every time I…” rule to some other things… some other things like “opening the fridge” so I am reminded of what I am doing and make better decisions!

  2. Send some traditional Mexican bread up north! It looks great. Good job on staying at 1200 calories. That seems to be my magic number too. I like the idea of a chin up bar and doing one each time you pass through the door. I need to work on my upper body strength too. You are doing great … and 2013 is your year!

    • Dave… I actually have a question for you… you use myfitnesspal right? So… your 1200 calorie intake is it net? or is it before exercise? I have a trouble with that… like if I eat 1600 calories and then burn 400 with exercise then it takes me to 1200 net but I have a hard time trusting it… how does it work for you? Do you eat ONLY 1200 calories and then exercise and burn? or do you eat 1200+ calories and then the calorie intake you “count” is then subtracting the amount of calories you burned? 🙂 I hope you’ll share with me… Thanks!

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