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The Big Day and after!

Well… I haven’t done too bad… We had our big dinner on Christmas Eve and for the whole day I ate 1700 calories! Not bad for “such a big day” … Then on Christmas and yesterday I know I ate more, we’ve been going out and had too much leftovers here… so I kept going back to the ham in the fridge and having “just a little more” and don’t even get me started with the “cheesy potato casserole” (I love that!!!!) but… I know that overall I’ve done pretty good… Today I am back to strict calorie counting and I am writing this as I sip from my big cup of low calorie hot cocoa…

I’ll get on the scale on January!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “The Big Day and after!

  1. Sounds like you were able to enjoy some “treats” without going overboard! Way to go! I’m still lovin’ my hot chocolate treats – thanks so much for the recommendation! 🙂

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