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Not too good, Not too bad

Well, yesterday didn’t go as great as I had planned! I did eat more than I intended… Those salads were amazing! LOL! May I say my favorite is mine? And that’s why I know it didn’t go too well because I know how much mayo there’s in it! LOL! … I make a delicious chicken salad with shredded chicken (obviously), celery, white onion, grapes, walnuts, pecans, mayo and salt/pepper OH! I love it! so I had that (besides my progresso soup and a turkey/ham sandwich with cheese and mayo again) … I didn’t even touch any dessert though and stayed away from the chips… later at night I had some of my leftover salad (again) and didn’t have my nightly treat… As I was walking in the afternoon in Target I saw my reflection in a mirror and I didn’t like what I saw! I realized I DO look different… Not as fit, not as lean as I was looking and it freaked me out! I told hubby “I feel fat” and he didn’t deny it -sigh- he just hesitantly asked “really?” -sigh again- …. Today will be better… at least I am not going anywhere, well I am going to Sam’s Club so I’ll have to avoid the “free sampling” but that’s it.

Hopefully you’re all encouraged even in December, I KNOW, it’s harder… but we can do it! right? Can we?

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Not too good, Not too bad

  1. You should be proud of yourself. Avoiding desserts and skipping your treat are adaptions you made to offset the yummy salad! That’s great!
    That mirror is a killer, isn’t it? Funny how you can look in a mirror every day, and then one day you look in it and actually “see” yourself. That’s what happened to me, and that’s when my determination began. I had a few setbacks for sure, but I never let it last more than a day.
    Tip: It only takes a few times of skipping desserts or passing by the free samples or NOT licking the batter off the spatula, lol, before it becomes EASY to do that. You’ll get there. I have a pretty good feeling about it! 🙂

    • Thanks! I can always count on you to feel encouraged! 🙂 It’s really great! Yes… the mirror is amazing… how could I “miss it” and then all of a sudden… wham! It was right there in front of me! LOL! 🙂 But I’m definitely in the battle!

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