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Sounds harmless… But… is it?

So, today my end is going to end like this:

Goal Food Exercise = Net
1200 1617 – 273   1344

Now my goal is to eat 1200 net calories, today I had a net calorie intake of 1344, not bad, still not what I want but I am glad I’ve been able to be making great choices… and my exercise definitely helped me… The 1344 calorie intake is already reflecting the treat I’ll have later tonight!

Now… let’s talk about tomorrow… Planning ahead will help me stay within my calorie goal… Tomorrow, I’ve, well… we’ve been invited for lunch to a friend’s house… it’ll all be “soups, salads and sandwiches” … sounds very harmless and very delicious too! But … is it really harmless? I don’t think so… the yummiest of salads I’ve made have sugar and real mayo in them… or they’re loaded with nuts, grapes and/or raisins… and well…they’re just delicious! but when you check the amount of calories in them you realize you would’ve probably been better off eating a hamburger!  So… what am I going to do? I will bring my own Progresso soup! It might sound corny! LOL! But I will do just that… my friend is one that I am very comfortable with, we’re really close and it will not be a “formal lunch” it will just be “lunch with friends” and I know It’ll be ok to do that! … another family will be there too and I’m bringing a delicious (high calorie) chicken salad as well… I guess I’ll munch on some crackers or probably have half a sandwich of the best choice I can find there…

There you go… I’ve planned ahead and I haven’t been listening my fat side tell me “it’s ok, it’s just soup and salad” LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Sounds harmless… But… is it?

  1. I used to bring my own lunch to a friend’s house as well. She said something at first, but after that she was very supportive.
    And yes, soups and salads are not always low calorie. They can be very deceiving! :/

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