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Sipping Coffee and Re-applying it all!

Well, the weight loss journey sure isn’t an easy one… not for me anyway… and when I feel *I got it* I get too confident and it’s like I lose my grasp on it and have to “start again” … right now… I am re-learning to say “no” all over again… I guess I got too “lose” with my “yes” and allowing myself to have treats here and there with the excuse firm belief I would “catch up” later and it just wasn’t happening, it’s been just a bunch of “re-starting” and even when I am proud to have lost half the amount of weight excess on me… I still have a long way to go and I can’t just “stay there” and continue to celebrate a past triumph while I still have a to keep going to achieve real victory. If anything I can just “use my past” to remember “I can do this” instead of using it as a “I’ve done pretty good, do I really need to keep working that hard?” thought!

So… In the things I am re-applying is the saying “No” to myself… I’ve found that if I really want to eat something I’ve just been saying “it’s ok” and eat it… and not just a little bit of it… well… it’s time to exercise some will power and say “not even a little bit! Not for now!” and that’s exactly what I am doing… As I type this post I just ran away from the kitchen where I was already looking in the fridge to see what I could eat (hey! I still have some calories leftover for the day) but … I am choosing wisely and I know those calories will be needed later, when it’s actually time for dinner! so… instead, I made myself a cup of coffee (with sugar-free creamer) and I am proud of my choice…

Saying “NO” felt good… actually better than saying “YES”

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Sipping Coffee and Re-applying it all!

  1. It’s that treat at the end of the day that gives me the willpower to turn down unhealthy foods throughout the day. I like to enjoy the treat guilt free, and if I’ve used all my calories for the day, I feel guilty eating my ice cream. Not nearly as enjoyable then.
    So you did good just fixing yourself a coffee! And now you have nothing to “make up”! 🙂

    • Yes, very true! I feel like that as well… I can cut anything from my day but not my nightly treat! That’s something that really helps me stay focused during the day and knowing that I’ll get to “enjoy” something sweet and yummy!

  2. it is hard to lose weight! As you know, I just re-started and even with my initial enthusiasm to stay focused on exercising and weight loss, it’s still hard to say “no” to my favorites snacks and candy. It can be done and hopefully it will get easier. I know you can do it!

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