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Cookie Exchange!

Hello everybody, here I am! I am still kinda’ fighting, kinda’ not… LOL! … -sigh- I’ve just been lazy these days, so busy with lots of baking and rehearsal for a Christmas concert at church! It was finally last night and it was really great!! the choir of our church sang along with the “Annie Moses Band” talk about talented musicians/singers… They are AMAZING! And here I am with Annie… The lead voice:


My 4 yr. old was jealous and didn’t want me to have the pic taken! LOL!

Yesterday, we also had a cookie exchange with ladies from church… so many cookies to choose from.. and lots of treats and tempting goodies… I didn’t even have ONE cookie (while I was there but ended up having 2 or 3 at home)… and didn’t have any hot cocoa either… Here are some pics of our Cookie Exchange, so you see the level of commitment I have to at least not gain any weight during December!


The host, organizing all the cookies we all brought!


-sigh- I did have some chips a little bit of guacamole and lots of water there.

Later I had to get ready for the concert, as I mentioned, it was yesterday too… so I didn’t even have much opportunity to eat… I had made some mac and cheese for the girls so I had one serving of that… in the night I felt like I was starving, the concert ended at 9:25 p.m. and hubby was so proud and happy for how everything went (we’ve been practicing our parts since September) that we both felt festive and like celebrating, we were going to go somewhere for dinner, but I decided we shouldn’t do that, as I know there’s more food in our near future (lol) and lots of temptations coming, I don’t need to jump right into one “just because” LOL! … so I had a progresso soup and a quaker granola bar… still, I know I was over my calories for the day (and today too, just because I felt like doing nothing else but eating) but even when I’ve been over my calories I know it hasn’t been that bad… I’m constantly thinking about calories, numbers and “all the catching up” I have to do! I must say I am proud I lost half the amount of weight excess this 2012 and I look forward to getting the other half done next year! It’s a goal!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Cookie Exchange!

  1. I think you’re in the right frame of mind to at least not gain weight during this season. In the past, you may have overindulged at that cookie exchange, so look how far you’ve come. AND you didn’t continue to blow calories by going out to eat. I think you’re doing fantastic!

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