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It’s a big LIE!

Hello everybody! I am posting quick today just to talk about another horrible thing I know I do… and I did yesterday…

For some reason when I go over my calorie count for the day… I feel like “I ruined it all”  so it doesn’t matter how much more I ate… the day is ruined anyway… so I just binge

Horrible! It’s a lie!!! It does matter… SOMETIMES If I eat 1700 calories in a day I feel it’s all ruined… and I get into “self-destructive mode” and just keep eating without counting anymore! But it does matter! a “bad day” of 1700 calories doesn’t have to turn into a worse day of 2000+ calories!

So… I just wanted to remind myself (and others) that … if you feel you’ve ruined your day by eating something you shouldn’t have… you can stop right there! don’t make it worse and move on! You might actually be able to still “save” the day by exercising, going out for a walk or something but … DON’T EAT! -sigh- … DON’T EAT! … I need to say that louder for myself! DOOOOON’T EAAAAT!!!!

Today… I got my exercise done in the morning, to avoid any excuses… Exercising early helps me stay in control during the day… I got this!


2 thoughts on “It’s a big LIE!

  1. You do “got this”!! What you’re telling yourself is exactly right. Nor should you let what you did yesterday ruin what you will do today. (Which happy to see you are not….) You’re giving yourself good advice. Now all you gotta do is follow it. 🙂

  2. Great reminder that a “bad” day doesn’t need to morph into something worse. I will keep this one in mind! I try to exercise early in the morning, too. It seems to start the day on the right track for me. You are doing great!

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