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Sunday with friends!

Hello everybody! I’ve lost 2 pounds of the 5 that I had gained… Today a couple from church invited us for lunch/dinner to their home, we started going to this church kind of at the same  time and we feel we can become great friends, they are both Mexican (YAY FOR ME!!! I get to speak Spanish!) and they do speak English very well (so hubby didn’t feel left out) it is great because he was born in the city where I was born and where all of my dad’s family is from … and she was raised in the city where I was raised… so … lots of things to talk about! They had pizza and pasta (with loads of butter in it) and I enjoyed it all, didn’t pass on dessert either… came home and counted it all… by the end of the day counting breakfast and everything I ate a total of 1789 calories…. Since I indulged with pizza, pasta and dessert I decided to skip dinner and go directly to my “night treat” (90 calorie brownie and coffee, those I am already counting in my total of calories) and I also went to the gym, ran two miles on the treadmill and walked .5 miles… burned 400 calories! So… I had a net calorie intake of 1389 for the day! Not bad! 🙂 It’s great to stay accountable even when indulging, make adjustments and keep going!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday with friends!

  1. I’m so happy for you! Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of everything or go hungry all the time. You did great today! And you ran two miles and lost two pounds? Congratulations! You’ve set yourself up for a great week! 🙂
    And how fun that you’ve met a couple with so many similarities! Sometimes it’s hard to find couples who are friends with other couples, you know? ‘Cause both people have to like both people! Sounds like you guys had a great time though!
    PS: I got the hot chocolate you always drink! You’re right! It makes a nice low calorie treat! 🙂

    • Thanks Shadow! Yes… I am very happy we all get along so well, my husband really likes them both too, we are actually very blessed because there is ANOTHER couple from church that we both really get along with … the guy is very good friends with hubby, they talk a lot and even ask each other for advice…. His wife and I are the best friends right now too! We get together during the week and we’re there for each other when needed, she’ll call me out of the blue to go somewhere with her and she pushes me with my exercising too, she is very encouraging! Oh… about the hot chocolate… I am so happy you are enjoying it but let me switch my recommendation back to Nestle 20 calorie hot cocoa Mix… not only it’s 5 calories less but the mix dissolves WAY BETTER in the hot water than the Swiss Miss 🙂 It sure is a nice treat! I am glad you liked it! … so… how about that chocoflan cake? When are you making it?

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