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There’s no should’ve, could’ve, would’ve …

Yes… there’s no should’ve, could’ve, would’ve! At least they don’t make any difference after the fact….

Yesterday I took my girls to the Mall and we ate chick-fil-a in the food court… that was good… I had my grilled chicken sandwich with no cheese, no soda, just water and it was enough… but I had one of those “attacks” that make me do irrational things like ordering a whole plate of something greasy I wasn’t even really wanting in the first place… it was “chinese food” supposedly… it was a bunch of noodles and some meat I am not sure if it was chicken or pork… not even that good but I ate it! I had the excuse that the girls were still hungry and I had some side vegetables for them… they also had some of the noodles but I ate most of it… I felt horrible afterwards… I thought I was even going to throw up right after eating from the horrible feeling… and yes… there were lots of “should haves, could haves and would haves” but they don’t make any difference… they don’t matter! I knew I shoud’ve just left after the grilled sandwich… I knew I could’ve! and I wish I would’ve! but that doesn’t change anything so it’s not even worth thinking about the possibilities… why do we, addicts or compulsive eaters… have such a destructive behavior? How can I be so strong and have such self control when it seems impossible and when it’s the “easiest of the situations” where I could make the right choice I just go ahead and act like the weakest of all! -sigh- … I guess there’s no point even to asking why… well… maybe there is… it’s good to learn from all these reactions, behaviors, habits, excuses, etc… to hopefully be able to fight them with the right way of thinking… be prepared on how to act next time…

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “There’s no should’ve, could’ve, would’ve …

  1. I ask the same question … how can I be strong for a few months and have good success and then let some silly thought or comment or activity ship wreck my effort so that I give up? i wish I had the answer! It is certainly a mystery. By the way … Chick Fil A is my favorite!

    • Yes, it’s weird! I guess it’s how we’ve trained our brain to think… to process information… and how we respond to different things… I have a very bad habit of making my girls happy with food… when they’re crying or upset I give them food… and I am JUST realizing that… I need to make sure I avoid that… and help them find comfort in a good positive way… not with food… otherwise they’ll end up with my horrible issues!

  2. I think you’re right. These little setbacks are all learning experiences. The next time you’re in this situation, you’ll hopefully remember how you felt this time around.
    Don’t fret for long though! Just get back on track tomorrow. The only way this can be REALLY bad is if you use it as an excuse to give up.
    You got this! Don’t ever forget that! πŸ™‚

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