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Proceed with Caution!

Careful with those innocent looking Christmas cookies, of course we all know cookies are not the best friend of a person who wants to lose weight… and they always come holding hands with at least a couple of extra pounds… But looking at the calories PER cookie might make you open your eyes even more to the DANGER that they represent to your figure and to your weight loss efforts!

Today… I made Mexican Wedding Cakes… I love those cookies, they are sooo buttery and ah so perfect! They are not really Mexican and Not really Cakes… But they are amazing! And they feel “so light” when you eat them, plus they just “melt in your mouth” so… how could something like that destroy your good efforts to keep your calories in control?

Well… Today, while rolling my cookies in powdered sugar… I broke one… it didn’t look pretty… so… how am I going to include that in my “cookie package”? (I made them for a gift) … so … I just put it in my mouth… broken cookies shouldn’t count! All the calories should just “leak out” of them! LOL! … well… they don’t! Guess how many calories that heavenly cookie had? 104!Ā  104 calories! I couldn’t believe it! I think I had at least a dozen on my own last Christmas! They’re not even big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on! incredible! can you imagine… 12×104= 1248!!! And that’s just in little cookies, not counting everything else! So… I am just saying… watch it! If possible be ready with your own healthy treats because cookies are just merciless! I know I won’t “trust them” again!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Proceed with Caution!

  1. I’m glad you calculated how many calories are in them. Once you’ve done that, it makes them pretty easy to avoid, or at least stop after just one.
    They sound delicious though! šŸ™‚

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