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The best moment is NOW

Hello everybody… First of all let me tell you… I had been doing sooo good (after Thanksgiving) until today… I made breaded chicken strips (which I love) and ate tons of them -sigh- anyway…  I am very encouraged because I’ve been doing much better than I thought … and just determined to continue losing! Not as determined with the exercise… I need some extra motivation for that… But I know that it will only come when I take the first step to DO IT even when I don’t “feel it” … so… I’ve been thinking a lot about the excuses we – I – make so many times and how we are always waiting for the best moment to “start” a diet, start exercising or just making any kind of change in our lives…

And I thought about this:

The Best moment is NOW… Now … while the cookies are still warm

The Best moment is NOW, yes Now, right before that big party… Now that you are in front of your favorite meal, Now that there’s that cake inviting you to eat… The best moment is NOW, as the couch looks so inviting, now that you’re tired and just want to relax… Now… even if it’s Friday, Now, even if the year is about to end… The best moment is NOW… Not Monday, Not January 1st… waiting a little longer will only weaken you… doing it now… means you’ll see results sooner… will empower you, realizing, that if you could do it when it seemed “impossible” there’s nothing that can stop you!

The best moment… for me… is NOW… even when I just ate too much! I can’t wait until tomorrow… My moment is NOW


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