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That was brutal!

Oh! my goodness… I ate! ate and ate some more! I was so stuffed yesterday!
My sister, brother and sister in law came from Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with us! I love cooking and I love it even more when I cook for something big like Thanksgiving! I just love being able to make the traditional dishes that hubby grew up with and that I know make him feel closer to home and also I like being able to introduce my family to all this which is so different than what we are used to growing up in Mexico…
I cooked, baked and baked some more… I had tons of “good stuff” to eat… it was just sinful! but man! It was nice not saying “no” to anything! LOL! … I just “let it happen” and I am back today… it’s being hard… because I like the “freedom” of eating it all… but that “freedom” comes with a bonding… with a price too high to pay and it’s fake… it becomes a prison that I know it’s very hard to come out of! So… I need to remember that and stay focused! I think it’s been discouraging to be stuck for so long in the same weight and even gain some… last time I weighed myself I was at 183.5 pounds (three days ago) even when I’ve been doing good with my food and exercising! I felt really discouraged all day long! Like… what in the world???? but… oh well… there’s no choice for me but to “stick with it” and hope my body “will get it”
This time I’ve decided I’m going to weigh myself in January 1st. 2013 to avoid getting so worked up about it… (of course working hard at it) but hopefully I’ll see the numbers drop! I know I’ll have to make up for all the eating from yesterday and I know there’s more “indulging” coming my way…. I’ll try to do better than yesterday though… I know there was much “unnecessary overeating”

Here are some pictures:

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “That was brutal!

  1. Your meal looks incredible! I love the traditional Thanksgiving foods, especially the sweets. So my plate was filled with a reasonable amount of turkey, a ton of corn, a little mashed potatoes, and no rolls. I figured I would sacrifice that part of the meal so I could have a slice of each dessert with a side of ice cream. And boy did I enjoy it all! And because I didn’t deprive myself the day of, I wasn’t tempted to eat any of the leftover desserts the next day.
    Stay strong! These are a tough few months, but they ARE manageable. Hang in there and keep your positive attitude!
    PS – I loved your pictures! Is that your sister in the pic with you? And those cornucopia are so cute! I may have to steal that idea! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Shadow! We sure enjoyed it! LOL! … Yes… that’s my sister right next to me! 🙂 …. Next year I hope I can fill my “cornucopias” with fall colors m&m’s! … To make the cornucopias you just have to slightly brush the tips of the cones with water (not soak them, just barely brush them) and then just microwave each cone individually (tip side up) for about 20 seconds (time will vary depending on the microwave), then just get it out (carefully because it will be TOO hot) and using your fingers (and paper towel to protect them from the heat) just bend the tips carefully to make the shape. Voila!

  2. I was in the same boat. I just ate and ate and ate. I ate more on Friday than I did on Thursday! I was stuffed and bloated and groaned and the guilt …. the guilt was overwhelming at times. At least the saving grace was the running. I managed to put in about 13 miles over the holiday weekend. Not that I lost any weight, though. I really need to get back to my calorie counting and control what I eat! Great photos.

    • Give yourself some credit though… You should be proud of how much you ran! That requires strength and determination! great job! one step at a time… the overeating … well… I know (at least for myself) it will always be a struggle… but we must remain on this fight!

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