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Running and Swiss Miss

Hi everybody! Today was hubby’s first day of vacation… I’ve been feeling very tired because I am just recovering from taking care of sick girls for almost two weeks! The littlest one (almost 2) has been ok for a week now but she doesn’t care if her oldest sister is sick! She still wants breakfast everyday! How dare she!? So I still have had to wake up very early even when my nights haven’t been that pleasant… I feel like I need at least a week off! LOL! … Thankfully hubby will be here for a week and even when today I still woke up very early, having him around does give me a break because the girls are “busy” just “contemplating” their daddy! LOL! … Plus hubby is so clean and organized that my house never looks cleaner than when he is home!

He can’t sit for a long period of time and he is like Mr. Clean and you can tell where he’s been! Even while he is sitting he is cleaning something! LOL!

Anyway… I know I said I would exercise more with him here… but today … it was tempting to just say “I’ll take a nap” instead… but I actually asked him to take me to some trails where there’s also a playground and he played with the girls while I ran… oh my goodness! Running Outside is definitely harder than running in place with the Wii Fit! LOL! … I was sooo out of breath! I ran 1 whole mile, then walked the 2nd. mile and then ran/walked the 3rd. one… I was very happy though because I just made my big body submit to what I knew is best… If I don’t take advantage of him being home to do this and hopefully “jumpstart my body” which refuses to lose any more weight I will not be able to do it when he goes back to work!

I was very happy because hubby was very proud of me and said: “Wow! it would’ve been so easy for you to just say ‘I’m taking a nap!’ I saw how you were falling asleep, you’ve been so tired! Good job princesa” (yes he calls me “princess” in Spanish) So… that was the extra boost I was needing! 😉

Right now I am looking forward to our late treat… I’ll have my Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa! It’s not as good as the “regular stuff” but it’s VERY GOOD still! I love it! I love feeling like I can enjoy those things! It has only 25 calories per package and I get to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa! So I really recommend you to buy the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa -Diet- and keep it close to you (even in your purse) for the Holidays, that way, when everybody else drinks hot cocoa you can too! But guilt free! 😉


5 thoughts on “Running and Swiss Miss

  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Making yourself get out, and then running an entire mile, is an awesome accomplishment!
    I love hot chocolate, but I never drink it because of the calories. I didn’t realize there was a diet version! I’m off to get some! 🙂

    • I didn’t know they existed either! But I also love hot cocoa so I was making a cup for my girls and thought: “there must be some light version of this!” so in my next trip to the store I looked for it… and there it was … There’s a Nestle Light Hot Cocoa too for 20 calories only but I liked Swiss Miss better (5 more calories). It’s good! 😉

  2. 3 miles! That is so great. And ‘outside’ miles are more difficult than ‘indoor’ miles. I usually run on an indoor treadmill. But after I run outside, I can feel a huge difference between the outdoor miles and the indoor miles. Good job! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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