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Now my oldest is sick… my littlest one got better after the first day of throwing up… then she had a loose stomach and then hives… it’s some virus going around… Yesterday was the day when she felt the best and I thought we had left this behind us… of course at 9 p.m. my oldest (4 yrs. old) started throwing up… -sigh- she keeps me right next to her and obviously I didn’t get much sleep last night… I am still trying to track calories and yesterday I managed to get 40 mins. in … on the balance board!

I hope we can leave this behind us soon… the virus seems to last around 6 days… -sigh-

Just had to update! 😉
The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Next!

  1. 6 days?! Holy moly! I remember those days so vividly – when the viruses would hop from person to person. That seems to get better as they get older. So hang in there!
    Good to hear you’re still trying to track calories and exercise despite all the stresses of sick kids. And hopefully you’ll get through it without catching the virus!!

    • Yes, it’s been hard, but thankfully I don’t work out of home so it’s a blessing to know I can look like a monster all day long LOL! I don’t have to go anywhere so I can take care of my girls all the time… without having any pressure of having to be somewhere at some point, etc.

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