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5000+ calories

Yes… that’s what I am sure I ate yesterday (at least!) … I just stopped counting… I went into binging mode… I had pasta and more pasta, mac and cheese, roasted almonds, hot cocoa with marshmallows, chocolate cupcake, and I felt huge by the end of the day…

What happened? Well… I had been doing great… counting calories, exercising, keeping my net calorie intake around 1200 – 1300 and then… it happened… again… what has been happening for months now… once I reach 179 -178 pounds… I start gaining weight! WHY ??? I don’t know… but instead of just sticking with it… I just ate… I ate like a hopeless person! -sigh-  Today I am back at it… I shouldn’t have let my “weight gain” on the scale throw me off like that … Shadowrun: “you told me so” … I know!

Don’t worry… I am not even in “lost mode” right now… I am back, exercising, watching what I eat… but yesterday that was my “cry out loud” … I shouldn’t have… It would have been better if I had actually cried out loud… I felt like I am never going to reach my goal!

Anyway… stepping off from my soap box and back to the fight…

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “5000+ calories

  1. It is frustrating to have a set back when you have been doing so well, but I think you should be proud that you were able to realize what you were doing and get back on track today.

  2. First of all, I’m not saying I told you so. 😉 I totally understand and have been in your shoes! It’s hard!
    When you start back up again, give yourself a few hundred extra calories to work with. It’s true that you want to take in less calories than you are burning, but not SO many less that you’re starving or feeling deprived. Losing weight doesn’t have to be miserable.
    I’m glad you’re back on track again. One day isn’t going to hurt…..
    You got this!

    • So nice of you! I know you weren’t going to say “I told you so” I just told myself…. “shadow told you so!” LOL! … My scale shouldn’t dictate how I feel… and even when I feel “I got it” sometimes it just catches me “off-guard” when I am all excited, stepping on it, expecting to see lower numbers and then I see an increase! … I should be over that… and usually I am… I guess there are days when I am more vulnerable! Thank you! Today was great! 🙂

      • Whenever you tell me the scale shows higher numbers, I get just as upset! I think that’s why I tell you to throw it out the window! Yes, it’s important to your health to lose weight, but it’s also important to keep healthy mentally as well! You need to feel good about yourself, and you do… until you step on the scale!
        Eat right (not too much, not too little), exercise your heart and your muscles, and you’ll lose weight. No scale needed.
        (Happy to hear you’re having a good day today!)

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