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Eat this not that!

Hello! Here I am … again! Motivated…. yes! … Today I had a great day! Ladies Bible Study in church! It was the last class of the semester! We’ll be back in Spring… but I know I’m going to miss all the wonderful ladies I see every Tuesday! 🙂

Because it was the last meeting, there was a luncheon! … Thankfully the group that was supposed to bring breakfast forgot about it so there was no breakfast, unfortunately I was hungrier by lunch!

Everything looked good, really good! it was all by chick-fil-a so not many very bad things… there were chicken wraps, chicken salad sandwiches and fried chicken nuggets, there were also cookies and brownies… that looked very yummy! I was super hungry so I had a whole wrap, 1/2 chicken sandwich and some (about 8) small chicken nuggets… Had water and no dessert! Amazingly that meal ended up being about 985 calories according to myfitness pal! I was shocked! Really shocked!

Anyway… Then I exercised (507 calories burned) and had some snacks/food here at home for a total of 1146 net calories (My actual calorie intake was 1654 but if we take the 507 calories from exercise out of the intake then we end up having the 1146, right? at least that’s how myfitnesspal does it!)

So… today… I was looking for calories IN Starbucks items! Hubby promised to take us on a date to Starbucks tomorrow (by us, I mean, the girls and I) …. so I thought I would start looking at the calorie amounts in the item I usually order… to adjust my intake during the day!) well… this is what I found

If I order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte – Tall – Nonfat Milk – No Whipped Cream it’ll be 160 calories… but If I hadn’t checked and ordered (like I used to) a regular Starbucks – Cinnamon Dolce Latte – Venti – Whole Milk – With Whipped Cream it would’ve been 450 calories! YIKES!

Incredible! I am so happy I checked! That’s what I always do now! Because I know how deceiving some food items can be! You can’t believe sometimes that something that you DRINK can have so many calories! wow!

Well… I have to go now… I just wanted to share about that!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Eat this not that!

  1. Wow! Even with your Chick-fil-a splurge you did great!
    I do the same as you did with Starbucks. If I’m going to a new place, I look for the nutrition facts online first to plan what I will eat. I don’t view it as a chore. Knowing that what I am ordering will be within my calorie range allows me to enjoy it more!
    Sure hope you and the girls enjoyed your date! How sweet! 🙂

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