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So I ate again!

LOL! … Ok… here’s the deal… Yesterday (Saturday) I did great, we went to a “Ranch/Farm” thing… that has a pumpkin patch and it’s huge, lots of walking, not too much eating, was below my calorie count for the day… Today… I just ate… anything… not too much but didn’t even count! I know that not counting (for me, at least) is dangerous… But I don’t want to “hide it” sometimes when I don’t do what I am supposed to I just avoid writing here and hide my head in the ground! Instead of facing it and moving on!

The scale showed a loss of half a pound this morning (after the consistent gain I had the previous days) I think the planned overeating of Friday got me “unstuck” again from the weird plateau… Hopefully the numbers will go down this week!

Right now I am facing that I ate more today and I am ready to work harder tomorrow! Nighty Night!
The Thin Lady Inside!


2 thoughts on “So I ate again!

  1. I’m the queen of hiding…
    Sure hope Monday was a better day for you – although it doesn’t sound like you blew it too bad. After all, you got a lot of walking in on Saturday!

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