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So I ate!

Yes, today I ate and enjoyed… I just feel like I needed a break… a day to “reset” … a day to rest and enjoy food even! I’ve been too obsessed with calorie counting and exercise, I am not saying it’s necessarily bad, I just needed to relax and realize “it’s ok” I can take a breath! … Today I started counting calories but then decided not to do that and when I could’ve exercised I decided to take a nap! It was a long one and very much needed one too! I realize this is something I am doing! Oh you bet I am doing it! And you bet I will get there! But today… I needed to just do this! I intentionally did it on a Friday instead of a Saturday because I felt that if I did it on the Saturday I would probably feel tempted to continue on Sunday… and I am making sure it was a “one day thing” … I read, I took a hot shower, I watched tv and I didn’t worry too much about anything…
Yes, today I indulged! And tomorrow… I will continue my journey! 🙂
Today is over!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “So I ate!

  1. Everyone needs a little vacation once in a while – from whatever it is that causes stress. It’s what helps you to rejuvenate and continue going. Glad you were able to enjoy it guilt free!
    I plan to have one of those days tomorrow. I’ve just finished my 7th day in a row at work, and I am beat. I do plan to run in the morning, but I LIKE to do that. Afterwards, well, I’ll do whatever I feel like doing! 🙂

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