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Quick Update

Sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been really busy! But I’ve been working hard at this! My last post was on the 22nd. reporting my calorie intake from the 21st. Well… the next days (22nd. 23rd. and today) I’ve been under my calorie goal (because of the exercise), Today was the day with highest calorie intake… I just couldn’t resist the pasta! (It’s amazing the amount of calories in pasta!!!) but I was really busy during the day, even had choir rehearsal and still exercised for 2 hours! I even exercised from 10 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to “catch up” and get ahead a little bit! My calorie intake today was 1770 calories! YIKES! But I exercised for two hours (just wii fit free run and wii fit free step) and burned 686 calories which according to MyFitnessPal would’ve allowed me to eat 1886 calories for a Total Net Calorie of 1200 for the day… the 1886 seemed excessive though… the 1770 by itself seemed excessive! So … I had a Net Calorie for the day of 1086! Not bad after eating all those bow tie noodles! LOL! … Anyway… That’s my update for the day! I have to go now but I am still working very, very hard! Right now I haven’t been focusing much on the toning/strength training but I need to do better with that! I will try to incorporate some toning exercising somehow soon!
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4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Good to hear that you are focused and staying on the course and keeping the calories in control even when pasta is on the table. Stay the course!

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