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Ladies Banquet

So… last night I went to the Ladies Banquet at Church… This is the first of a series of “food events” that I am attending in a row! And I must say I am very proud of myself! I think I did great!
So I prepared ahead! I kept my calories on the lower side… I said no to the usual “snacks and nibbles” I allow myself during the day and also I told hubby (who stayed home watching the girls) : “I’ll still have coffee and dessert with you tonight” … dessert for me means a low calorie treat! and coffee is something I look forward to everyday! So… I made myself tell him that to make sure I 1. Had a commitment with him, that would make me stop from having dessert at the event.  2. Gave me something to look forward to for later and would make me feel during the event that I wasn’t “missing out”  I would just have my dessert later, at home, with my love!

I also exercised more on the Balance Board! I burned 474 calories there… making sure I would have some room for whatever calories would come my way… Not because I was planning to overeat but because I wanted to make sure I could still enjoy (in moderation) whatever food they would serve, even if it was high in calories, which… oh boy! IT WAS!

Once I got to the Banquet… well… everything looked beautiful, each table was “sponsored and decorated” by one lady… and everybody did such a great job! The topic of the night was pretty much about “being princesses” so, that was the theme in the decoration, every table was different… for different tastes and personalities… but everybody did awesome! I’ll just share a couple of pics:

Everybody did a great job.. and the Food… oh the food! It was catered by some popular Italian place in the area… and it looked really good… You would go up a line and they would serve it to you… I got my portion of creamy penne with chicken and lasagna…. plus a roll that was I guess garlic bread… it was huge! … I was done with the pasta and “eyeing” the bread… everybody kept saying it was delicious so I grabbed it… it was almost slippery by all the butter in it … and I looked at it carefully looking at how it was DRIPPING literally from so much butter! I put it aside and let the “waiters” (husbands of many of the ladies) take my plate away before I even considered the “possibility”!

When dessert was served… it was easy to say “no, thanks” because I had prepared ahead!

So… let’s see what the numbers say about yesterday!

Totals 1,569 150 66 93
Your Daily Goal 1,674 230 55 62
Remaining 105 80 -11 -31
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 474 extra calories from exercise today

As you know… My daily goal it’s actually 1200 (which I try to keep that way even if I exercise) but this time I allowed myself to “use up” most of the calories earned by exercise in my dinner. So… not bad… huh? I even had 105 calories left! 😉 even after counting “dessert with hubby” … Today I have people over for cake and coffee during the day… Tonight I have Friday Social (Tailgate party), tomorrow I might have Supper Club at a friend’s house… can someone end this weekend already??? LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside



6 thoughts on “Ladies Banquet

  1. I am so proud of you! When I first started exercising, I couldn’t believe how hard I had to work just to burn a few hundred calories. That was enough inspiration for me to avoid things like an overly buttered roll.
    And you already know that I avoid desserts during the day so that I can have my ice cream treat at night – very similar to your coffee and dessert with your hubby.
    So you passed your first test! Good luck with the second one today! 🙂

    • Thank you! yes… it’s hard to burn the calories and so easy to pile them up when eating! I have to make better choices if I want to be able to eat more… I could have 1 buttered roll or 3 sandwiches instead! LOL!

    • Thanks! Yes, everybody did a great job! Many of the decorations are things I wouldn’t have picked myself but I guess they knew what they were doing, because all of it together made the place look great! 🙂

  2. Great example of self control … and planning ahead. Doing great! Please send some of your motivation and determination and self control my way!

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