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Not too great, Not too bad!

Hello everyone… My calorie intake yesterday:

Totals 1,554 213 50 53
Your Daily Goal 1,200 165 40 45
Remaining -354 -48 -10 -8
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

So… as you can see I was 354 calories above my 1200 goal! I did eat Mac and Cheese from a box… prepared it “normal” because I wasn’t going to eat any (supposedly) LOL! It’s amazing how many calories that “little bit” of Mac and Cheese has! wow! … I didn’t work out yesterday but I stood LITERALLY ALL DAY LONG! … I started in the morning with making breakfast, doing dishes, etc… Then I made banana bread, a pumpkin walnut cake and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies because I’ll have people over tomorrow morning for coffee and dessert… So all day long I was not only baking but doing dishes, I also cooked lunch and dinner and then went to choir rehearsal which is… standing obviously! My feet couldn’t take it anymore by 9 p.m. …. and all that food I baked… I made it for Friday… I wanted to make it ahead because… guess what? tonight I am going to a Ladies’ Banquet in church! OH BOY! I am scared! Food in church is just plain sinful! LOL! … who who would’ve thought?! HA! Whenever I go to church I have to pray ahead for strength to resist the temptation! … Then on Friday… well… I’ll have people over for dessert and coffee and at night… well… it’s our “Social Friday” and we’ll have a tailgate party kinda’ thingy! … interesting! isn’t it? anyway… the weird thing, is that most women here in Texas (at least those I’ve met) are incredibly fit! Everyone talks “gym talk” and they seem so healthy and slim! wow! With all that food around! I just hope I’ll handle myself and be successful and have a “loss” to report on Monday! today the scale showed a +.9 that I just don’t get… but since I know I haven’t really done anything to gain weight I am not going to worry about it… I’ll probably go pee or sweat it later! LOL! …

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Not too great, Not too bad!

  1. Good for you! You KNOW you haven’t done anything to gain weight! And standing all day burns more calories than sitting all day, so I’d consider it a “workout” as well, especially if it’s something your body is not used to doing.
    I have a feeling you’ll be able to resist temptation the next few days. If you’re worried about not having healthy choices, bring your own.
    You got this! Keep it going!

    • Thank you shadow… I do have the temptation sometimes to believe that maybe I have gained REAL weight and that I should do something differently… but I know it’s impossible! Knowing that it’s impossible is such a relief! And I can just shake off the feelings of guilt! …

  2. Mac & Cheese is my favorite … but I try to avoid it because of the calories … but it is a weakness. Keep up the great effort …. you are building momentum!

    • -Sigh- I wish I could say “one thing” is my favorite! If I could just pin point it like that maybe I could stay away from it… But Most salty things are my favorite!!!! -ah deliciousness!- LOL! … It’s great to see you here…

  3. I know the feeling, you want to make something yummy for your kids and end up eating because you realise that you are starving and too tired to make yourself something. You doing fine I think, you know I am always surprised to see how many steps I did during the day doing that kind of stuff! Shadow is right I would count it as a work-out and I reckon that because of it you were not over goal 🙂

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