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It was supposed to be like a dream… The birthday party of a two year old girl … The theme? Wonderland!

Don’t take me wrong… I did love the theme… Even when I am not a fan of the tale…. actually “Alice in wonderland” has always disturbed me a little bit… I don’t even know why… seems too chaotic for me… very nightmarish! but anyway… I understand that there are cute characters in the story…. You’ve probably been able to guess already that we were invited to attend a birthday party… the birthday girl was soo cute and everything the mom did was just perfect… everything was beautiful! The details in the decorations were just amazing! And the cake… oh! THE cake… well… instead of saying more let me show you what I am talking about:

There were treats literally saying:

But I decided to stay strong! … I did enjoy some of their food though… but in moderation! It’s incredible to find out how many calories you can eat from eating food in parties like this… even when being very moderate!

I had 3 mini-quich, some fruit and 1 miniature egg roll, I also ate 1/2 a ham/cheese slider and that was it. Drank lots of water and didn’t even eat cake… well… it was 478 calories!!!! 478 CALORIES!!! Incredible! I still did very good overall and ate a total of 1292 calories in the day… Didn’t “exercise” but went to the b-day party in the morning, then grocery shopping, then put everything away and go back to grocery shopping (we go to Sam’s first and then to our local grocery store for the produce, etc…) I was tired by the end of the day… but felt like it was a very “healthy day” regardless of my trip to Wonderland!

Many people told me today that I look thinner… even hubby said “wow… you’re really slimming down!” so… I guess it’s starting to show again!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Wonderland?

  1. I’m with you on ‘Alice..’ Always seemed odd to me. It doesn’t help that Jefferson Airplane sang about it during the acid rock days. — All of that aside, you have a real knack. That all looks awesome. 🙂

    • OK. So, I re-read and those weren’t your creations. Oops! Well, I’ll say this then: You have a knack for recognizing good talent! (And I’ll bet you own some of that talent yourself.)

      • oh! Thanks you’re so nice! I do love the whole baking/food styling stuff! I hope I can get that good! 🙂 yes… Alice is creepy LOL! … 🙂 thanks for your comments!

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