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Fighting it!

So today I was hungry again… just like yesterday… and I ate 1664 calories… I was so frustrated… I really want to keep my calorie intake at 1200 but didn’t happen… I am registering everything on MyFitnessPal... in the past I would’ve stopped “the calorie tracking” for the day the moment I fell off the wagon… I would’ve done that because it would’ve been ridiculous (or so I thought) to keep counting even when I knew I had “ruined the day” (or so I thought) Now… I am holding myself accountable to continue… to count it all in… to face the real numbers and just stick with it… and you know what? It actually helps me stay in control and it helps me realize that as long as I fight it… not everything is lost!
So today I ate 1664 calories… but I worked out (with the Wii Fit) for 2 hours and 40 minutes, trying to stick with those exercises that burn the most calories (Free Run, Free Step, Boxing, Advanced Step and even the bike) so I burned a total of 764 calories!!! which… took me to a 900 net calorie intake for the day!!! My net calorie intake daily goal is 1200 and today I knew that I went far from that … I did make great choices and never lost control or just gorged! not at all… I actually enjoyed every bit of it… didn’t feel “helpless or like a failure” like I’ve felt at other times… but I knew “I was going to pay” for my going beyond 1200 and I did! I am happy to say I fought it all! I fought the extra calories I consumed and burned them! they’re gone! I even had 300 remaining calories for the day which I am obviously not going to use!

So… not a bad day… enjoyed my food, kinda enjoyed the exercise but most of all enjoyed being in control… I *will* continue to aim for a lower calorie intake though… I’m in the fight!
The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Fighting it!

  1. Stick with it! Anytime that you cut your caloric intake, even if it is a healthy amount, your body will think hungry as it adjusts. 🙂

  2. Excellent … sticking with it even though the numbers are not where you want them to be. At least you are in control and staying in control. And your ‘calories burned’ number is extraordinary. I may switch out the treadmill for a Wii Fit. Keep on …

  3. Just keep in mind that 1600 calories isn’t going to “up” your weight. If you’re exercising a lot, your body may be requiring a little more energy in order to keep up. So don’t beat yourself up over eating a little bit extra.
    You are doing a fantastic job! I love your determination! Keep it up! 🙂

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