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Joining MyFitness Pal

Ok… yesterday I joined My Fitness Pal… (Thanks to Katey who commented about it!) and I am loving it! How cool! I can see how much I still need to burn, how much I can still eat… and how much I will lose if I keep having days like … for example… yesterday!

Yesterday was such a great day! Here is my “report” (directly from “MyFitnessPal”)

Totals 1,331 136 67 79
Your Daily Goal 1,614 221 53 60
Remaining 283 85 -14 -19
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 414 extra calories from exercise today

Yesterday was a very good day! My net calorie goal is 1200 … I earned 414 extra calories from exercise so MyFitness thing says I my goal is: 1614 I kept it at 1331 so my net calorie value for the day was a little over 900 calories! And according to the reports of MyFitnessPal, if all my days are like this… I will be 171.8 in 5 weeks! Seeing it all like that really motivates me! As you can see I was over my Fat/Protein levels… so I’ll be watching that more! I think all of the Fat/Proteins comes from my avocados and fresh mozarella… because everything else is pretty much veggies, I cook with Pam… oh wait… yesterday I did eat some pork… oh well! I still did great! those 414 calories burned I got them from the WII! I did some aerobics and strength training!

What’s your favorite thing to do on The WII board? (if you use it) I love the boxing, although sometimes it feels like forever… I also like the Advanced Step… 🙂

Well… let’s work towards another good day today!

My weight this morning: 181.9 …. -0.3 since yesterday

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Joining MyFitness Pal

  1. I used to love myfitnesspal and but now now I mostly use the fitbit food tracker but still check my weight on myfitnesspal. The recipe maker is really good on there (Istill use it) because you can enter the while recipe and have the calories per portion. you are doing great!

  2. So I gotta question… if you earned 414 extra calories by exercising, does that mean it wants you to eat 400 more calories? ‘Cause that seems like a lot, and that it would defeat the purpose of exercise. Back in my day, I just wrote down what I ate and used a calculator, so this is all very confusing… lol 🙂
    Either way, I love seeing your excitement about this journey again! I got confidence in you! Keep it up!!

    • I know Shadow! It doesn’t make much sense to me either… so I prefer staying on the safe side and not “use up” all my calories.. you know? But yes… the thing is that the FitnessPal thingy asks you about your lifestyle… if my lifestyle is sedentary it tells me I need to eat 1200 to lose about 1.5 lbs. a week… because that’s the amount of calories “I need to live” I would burn them just by doing my sedentary life… now… if I exercise and burn, let’s say 400 calories, that’s extra, yes… but … I feel like I can stay around 1200 calories even by exercising… although the fitnesspal thing says that my net calorie intake was 800-900 calories because of the exercise I did… I found that interesting too!

      • Ahh! When explained that way, I totally get it. It’s true that if you’re exercising a lot, but not taking in enough calories, your body will actually hold on to the weight instead of letting it go. So yeah, if you’re being active, it’s going to want you to take in more calories. It fits right in with what I believe, so thanks for explaining! 🙂

      • You are welcome… and yes… The Fitness Pal thing says I burn 1950 calories (by default) out of my normal activities, considering I have a sedentary life… so they say I need a deficit of 750 calories each day to lose 1.5 pounds each week… interesting! I think I am having a deficit of about 950 calories each day… by not “eating up” all the calories I burn through exercise!

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