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Eat it like you mean it!

Hello friends and fellow fat fighters! 😉 … Here I am, another day, in my fight… Staying “sober” if you could say so… you know… not from drinking, because I don’t, but from overeating, which is another addiction, just as bad, but more “socially accepted” in a way… So… I’m here… enjoying life another day and seeing my numbers get back to decreasing mode!

So… I restarted my healthy living choices on September 27th 2012 after having been deep in a rut of indulgence and overeating for a while and gaining back a few pounds….

It took a while to react and admit I needed help but I’m here… fighting again… Yes, many things happened that made it harder for me to continue with my exercising and routines but I can either choose to blame it on the circumstances (which, btw, will never be perfect and will always be changing) or take responsibility… I am choosing the latter.

BTW … Yesterday I exercised for an hour on the Wii Board again (even when it seemed I was running out of time) and burned 354 calories!

So… here are the numbers from Sept. 27th to date:

  • Sept. 27th – 182.8 pounds (had supposedly gained 6 pounds after my “lazy *vacations*”)
  • Sept. 28th – 182.8 no Change and no worries, right? we just started…
  • Sept. 29th – 185.0 what in the world? Oh yes! this must still be part of the consequences from my period of indulgence! it just hadn’t reflected on the scale, so I guess I had gained a total of 8 pounds after all… wow!
  • Sept. 30th – 184.3 Ok… hopefully we’ll start seeing the numbers go down now!
  • Oct. 1st. – 183.2 yoohoo! we’re going down!
  • Oct. 2nd. – 183.5 just a bit of a difference… no biggie!
  • October 3rd. – 183.5
  • October 4th – 182.2

So… I’m happy to see the progress! It’s been great to feel in control again! I’d better hold on to this feeling to not let myself go back into that dark pit again!

Now to our topic… Today… I also want to share really quick something that I did yesterday, many of you know that I have my nightly coffee with hubby… and I would’ve usually had some kind of dessert in the past which I’ve substituted with a sugar free chocolate pudding (60 cal.) … well… I recently bought those Fiber One 90 calorie brownies… I thought it would be a good choice for me to carry around, especially when going to the Ladies Bible Study breakfast/luncheon so I can get it out and have “dessert” and coffee with everyone else and not feel like I am there just looking at everybody else eat… well… I wasn’t really that impressed by those brownies, of course I wasn’t expecting the “real deal” but they aren’t that yummy… although let me say.. that if you “eat it like you mean it” they do help you “kill the craving” and move on!

Last night as hubby watched the presidential debate I gave him his cup of coffee, banana bread and spiced pumpkin brownies I made… his plate looked heavenly! So I grabbed my Fiber One Brownie which is individually packaged and seems too small (LOL!) but instead of eating it right out of the package with my hands I placed it on a plate and ate it with a fork as I sipped my delicious cup of coffee!

oh! Did that make a difference! I feel like it even tasted better! I really enjoyed it and felt satisfied! I didn’t have this horrible feeling of “Why can’t I eat anything?” LOL! and just had a great time next to my husband! I am very happy… so I thought I would just tell you… whatever you eat, if it’s a salad, some yoghurt, a sandwich, anything… just eat it like you mean it! Make sure you plate it nicely and make it look appealing! It can make all the difference in the world!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Eat it like you mean it!

  1. My new favorite fake treat is a KIND bar, they have peanut butter and chocolate ones with protein, so delicious. They are 200 calories but made from nuts and healthy stuff, and taste exactly like a candy bar

    • I’ve always been interested in those… I guess I will try them eventually… right now I try to stay in even lower amount of calories for a treat…. I feel I could eat a big sandwich for 200 calories… lol! And I really need LOTS of food! (I didn’t get to 220+ calories by eating little! -snort-) but sounds really awesome… and way better than a Snickers bar… especially in the SUGAR content… Kind bar = 11grams of sugar vs Snickers = 24 grams!

  2. I am glad you are taking care of those cravings! I was wondering about those brownies because i saw them on tv of course loll I happy that you numbers are going down…maybe your scale could talk to my balance board and show her the way down?

  3. For me it was ice cream that I treated myself to at night. I measured my little 1/2 cup, got out a tiny spoon and made it last forever! I totally get what you mean by eating like you mean it!
    Now, if something I eat doesn’t taste good enough for the calories, I quit eating it! I save my calories for things I love!
    Your attitude is awesome! Keep it up! You’re inspiring ME! 🙂

    • Yes, I agree if it doesn’t taste good.. then why the calories? I had already bought those Fiber One thingies and they’re ok… they do serve their purpose… I’m a little “done” with my chocolate pudding (sugar free) and I’m looking for other alternatives (under 100 calories) … I welcome all suggestions 😉

      • You seem to like chocolate… You could have 4-5 dark chocolate Hershey kisses for under 100 calories – and dark chocolate is good for you! You could probably find a sugar free or fat free ice cream or frozen yogurt for 100 calories per serving as well! My daughter and I cut and peel an apple, sprinkle it with cinnamon and Splenda and “bake” it in the microwave – very yummy! (You could use sugar for only a few extra calories.) I’ll keep thinking… 🙂

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