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It was more than I thought!

So… I’ve been doing great! I am very encouraged and motivated… but… I must say that the first couple days of my “come back” the scale was showing 182 pounds but on the third day of eating healthier, less and being more active… the scale showed 185 pounds… LOL! First I thought it was just some liquid retention or something weird like that, which is not unusual, especially for women… but… nope… I’ve been consistently seeing the numbers go down from 185…. Yesterday it was 184.3 and right now it’s 183.2 so… I guess it was 185 after all… probably that “weight increase” on the 3rd. day of my being back to healthy eating, etc… was just a “reflection” and result of my overeating of the previous days… and it just finally caught up with me… that’s my theory… anyway… whatever it was… it doesn’t matter… what matters is that I am back at it!
The weekend was great, I did very good with my eating and staying active (although I didn’t really work out), just lots of things to do and grocery shopping and stuff like that… but today I went back to the Wii … It was such a busy day but I still got the chance to squeeze a good hour on the balance board … just 351 calories but better than nothing… I also had people over, so I was up and working… Made dinner early (meatloaf and rice for hubby and the girls) made a banana bread and pumpkin brownies… so I was on my feet a lot and did really good with my eating… I don’t know exactly how many calories but I KNOW it was less than 1300 calories… I am very excited and looking forward to reach my closest goal which is lose 20 pounds by the end of this year… But… one thing at a time… one pound at a time!

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8 thoughts on “It was more than I thought!

  1. I have to agree with the weight gain – you don’t immediately gain weight after eating bad, nor do you lose it immediately. I guess that’s why I don’t recommend weighing every day. The numbers can be deceiving.
    Either way, it seems like you’re back in the groove again! Keep it up!

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