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340 + Lots of Scrubbing!

Hello everyone…. I am still at this!

Here are the numbers:

My weight (yesterday) 182.8 (hard to believe I was already 176 at some point but we won’t even go there, right?)

I ate about 1300 calories

exercised on the Balance Board and burned 340 calories

But also cleaned the bathrooms and my oven… so I did lots of scrubbing!

I think it was a pretty good day!

By the way… in my recent blood tests (when they were testing for Lupus and thankfully everything was negative) they checked also my triglycerides … and it turns out I am on the high side… The normal is to have it less than 150 mg and I am at 255 so… yeah… I definitely have to take care of that! I’ll be looking for info on the subject and solutions… I’ll be sharing my findings and my progress too!

By the way… I thought I would share these pictures… It’s a “before and after” and I am very ashamed to show it… but it’s a good motivation to not only keep going but to never want to go back!

The picture on the left is a picture of me on Sunday… The picture on the right is a picture of me on 12/20/2007

So, yes… I am thankfully still confident and feeling … well… obviously way better than before … It’s pretty eye opening to see myself like… well… like the one on the right… I don’t even think I completely realized how I looked… I knew I was obese and tired of it… but only when you see such a drastic difference you see how big (pun intended) the problem was!

So… I am motivated and at full steam here… working hard to be completely free of the extra and unhealthy weight!

The Thin Lady… Inside!


4 thoughts on “340 + Lots of Scrubbing!

  1. You have definitely come a long way! And if you made it this far, I know you can continue on! So you reached a stumbling block and gained 6 pounds…. it won’t take long to get those back off! Especially if you stay as determined as you are now!
    It’s uncomfortable looking at before pics, isn’t it? I have a very difficult time looking at mine, but it’s great motivation to not go back to that weight! 🙂
    Keep up the exercising AND the extra movement from cleaning, baking, etc…. You’re doing great!

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