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Where is the Thin Lady?

I know it’s still inside! …. why is it still inside? Because I’ve been taking over this body for the last few weeks… Yes… it’s lazy, fat me… and I’ve been pretty comfortable here… Plus we’ve been on vacations and I found all of the excuses, too busy, too happy, too sick, too tired, etc…

…. and then…

 Stop… stop taking over… it’s me now… (LOL! It does sound like I have multiple personalities but bare with me… sometimes it just feels like this inside of me… like a fat one and a thin one actually fighting each other… but don’t worry… I do not suffer from multiple personalities)

It’s me… the Thin Lady and yes… I am still inside but I’ll be coming out soon! I know you, fat person… took over for a few weeks but no more… I tried to come back for a few days and then you’d take over again but I must say that it’s only because I LET YOU!… I know I shouldn’t have… it was a mistake… but no more… I am eating right again and yes I feel hungrier than ever… but I know I am not even hungry for real…it’s just that I am craving all this junk food at all times during the day! But I can say NO and I did it today… enough “vacations” and excuses! you are trying to bury me in here forever… you probably even felt you succeeded by adding some pounds over me again but no… those pounds will have to go away! I did great today and I can do it again… It felt great to go clothes shopping today and actually see that the clothes look pretty good if I can say so myself… so that’s the boost I was needing to keep going… right? I sure hope so!


I wish the battle was easier but nobody said it would be… when I feel like “I got this” then something happens and I fall again into old habits, excuses and temptations! I wish I was really free… But I guess it’s something I’ll deal with forever… not that I don’t enjoy eating healthy…it’s not even that! I Can’t even explain what I feel that makes me eat more and things that I shouldn’t … sometimes my days go great and then all of a sudden at night I am stuffing things in my mouth like if I was angry… it’s all emotional and I don’t even get why! I am a happy person, with a wonderful husband and 2 healthy, beautiful girls… and then I feel this weird rebelliousness inside of me that makes me feel like I should just eat it all… ugh… I hate it! and then the “after the fact” feeling makes me feel even worse…

Anyway… I am sorry for the weird post… I guess I needed to vent

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Where is the Thin Lady?

  1. Night times were always hardest for me, so instead of fighting it, I fit it into my eating schedule. I saved calories for a nighttime snack. I STILL do that. And it makes it easy to stick with healthy low calorie meals during the day, if I know I have my treat to look forward to at night. Save as many calories as you want, just be sure you’re not giving up healthy foods for it.
    For me, the treat is ice cream… what’s your usual nighttime craving?

  2. Hope you had good vacations! I don’ t necessary look for a treat at night but I am always hungry then and cannot sleep if I don’t eat so I try to fit something in, toast or oatmeal is filling and not too caloric. I am sort of slowly losing the habit now that I have to go to bed early but if I cannot sleep I get hungry again loll. Like Shadow says, maybe save some budget for night time. 🙂

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