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Running again… or at least trying to!

Oh boy! I am very excited to announce that I am back on that horse… or at least back on the treadmill! I knew the time was coming… my weird “sun rash” and discomfort was all gone (praise God for cortisone creams!) so it was just a matter of jumping back on the treadmill and starting to run! I know it’s not the same like running outside but this is my only option for now, when it’s still so hot outside! Anyway… I know I’ve been posting about healthy food and stuff like that… but I hadn’t been exercising/counting calories like I should’ve … so I started to feel my clothes a little different… then Friday I put on my pants and they felt… not only a little different but uncomfortable… And I thought I was going to panic… so I did… we were invited for dinner to the home of our friends and… they had hamburgers and all kinds of pasta salad, mac and cheese, fruit, and more hamburgers! LOL! … I had like 2 hamburgers and a little (or a lot) of everything, plus a slice of an amazing cake I made for dessert … the result… I felt heavier than ever… why do we do that when we feel like we are gaining weight? I don’t get it… it’s like our (or at least my) brain works all backwards… anyway… Today I got up all ready to have last night be part of my farewell to that stupidity! (LOL!) and said… ok… that was it… you had your night of craziness it’s time to get out of the dark side and get back on track! Today has been a great day… My stomach has been growling like crazy (I woke the beast up!!!) it’s weird how when you eat more you just get “hungrier” and not the other way around… it’s like you cross some kind of limit and then the limit gets further … and if you cross it again… well… there you go… the limits get pushed even further… That’s how I got obese in the first place… by pushing all limits! So… I told my stomach to “deal with it” LOL! and I’ve been doing great with my eating and later went to the gym and “ran” for 50 minutes… well.. I half ran/half walked it because I felt sooo out of breath… My body is complaining! and I’ll let it complain until it gets used to it again! I won’t even step on the scale… I don’t need to “be told” what I already know… and I don’t need to feel devastated and have another “bad reaction” … so… I will step on the scale after I’ve been consistent with this for at least a month and then we’ll see!

We are going on vacations for a week soon! We leave on Saturday (to visit family) and we’ll be back in a week… so I am looking forward to those days and I know… I KNOW I’ll do great on vacations too!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Running again… or at least trying to!

  1. I am SO happy that your up and running again! Yay for cortisone! Seems like you have a renewed energy now that you’re able to exercise again!
    Keep it up and enjoy your vacation! Hope you’re able to share it with us!

  2. You know I felt the same way in pants, the ones that I bought because the others were too big, they feel tight and I didn’t like it but tried to deny it but not anymore πŸ™‚ I am happy that you are feeling better! Have a great vacation πŸ™‚

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