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Making healthier choices

When I started my weight loss journey back in January 9th this year… I was trying to do all kinds of tricks to not cave and give in to temptation…Trying to eat all “Sugar Free, Fat Free” stuff… knowing that both sugar and fat would actually be replaced with artificial junk for flavor and consistency… I started using Splenda for zero calories, sugar free jelly to eat some low calorie toast in the morning… etc… I am not saying it wasn’t a “smart move” but I knew it was something that I didn’t want to keep eating for the rest of my life… After all I am not only trying to lose weight just to lose it… I want to feel better, be healthier, stronger and hopefully live longer with a better quality of life. But I knew obesity was the first thing to deal with! so sugar free/fat free stuff were my first choices… They allowed me to “eat more”, have some guilt-free treats and start losing weight. Right now… I am still overweight, but I’m half way to where I want to be… I realize this might take a little longer than I was planning and that’s ok… I was already doing some great things like eating loads of veggies and decreasing red meats, etc… but I am trying to eat more wholesome food and go back to more natural/healthier things while still watching the calories, etc.
Some changes I’ve been doing:

Substitute Splenda for Organic Raw Agave Nectar:
I’ve found it to be a great sweetener, it’s natural, gluten free (not that I need it to be GF), less calories, you would use less than sugar and has no weird aftertaste! (I use it in my coffee!) I had tried Truvia but I didn’t really like it, Agave Nectar has really been a great thing to use! I will start baking with it too! I am sure it will be better for my family as well. (you use about 2/3 of a cup for every cup of sugar you would’ve used)

I found some incredible Muesly Morning Rounds by Ozery. Each bun has 170 calories.  They do have sugar but they have all natural products, they make a great breakfast and you can toast them too! I toast, add a little bit of whole, regular, unsalted butter and a tablespoon of jelly (I’ll tell you more about jelly too), have a cup of coffee with it and I feel with lots of energy, it is important to have carbs in the morning to get going! You can also have one scrambled egg on the side for filling protein and you’re good to go!

I substituted my “Concord Grape, Sugar-Free, SMUCKERS Jelly” for their “Reduced Sugar Version!” it is sooo good! And it has no artificial sweeteners! just 1/2 the amount of sugar, trust me… the flavor isn’t lacking! Of course I could go even healthier and make my own jelly but I am trying to make small changes that are still significant and still keeping it simple and doable! Plus you don’t need to add tons to your toast… just spread it thinly over your bread and enjoy!
I hope my changes inspire you to start making some changes too! 🙂

Tomorrow I will try to post a delicious recipe using “Tilapia Filets” I made it yesterday and it was sooo great!

Stay tuned!
The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Making healthier choices

  1. When I first started losing weight, that’s what I did too. Cut out fats and sugars. Once I reached my goal, but continued running, I found that I needed to add those fats back in. So I began eating natural peanut butter, grilled chicken, eggs, cheese, etc. Now that I’ve been on the health kick for so many years, I find I enjoy the natural foods so much better than processed. Although I do continue to have ice cream every night. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your tilapia recipe. I had tilapia for the first time when we vacationed in Turks and Caicos. I have been in love with it since!

  2. I was wondering what agave was like so I might buy it next time if I see it. Making those choice is perfectly fine while you are on your way down and like shadow said you can go back to more normal after right? 🙂

  3. I made a bunch of jams and jellies this year (first time ever that I tried canning), and they are DELISH and surprisingly easy (though the prep work and gathering of the fruit is time-consuming). I made elderberry, seedless blackberry, plum kissed pear, and mango nectarine jams and jellies. I tried my hand at a lower sugar variety of seedless blackberry jelly that also included apple, and it was just as sweet, but with approx 1/3 the sugar of the other kind. (Two cups of sugar added for the batch vs. 5.5 cups). I haven’t tried any substitute sweeteners like agave, xylitol, stevia, or splenda. I’ve been too chicken and afraid that they wouldn’t gel or set right. I would like to try it sometime, though.

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